The “Short Cut” with J’s Bouquet – “Hidden Meadows”

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’ll share the “Short Cut”…a fast and easy way to create a beautiful flower arrangement using this short cut. This project also features one of J’s Bouquets…“Hidden Meadows”. 

I’ll show you how to cut your stems to fit them to the vase. Using a vase that has a narrow neck and cutting the stems shorter not only makes a beautiful bouquet, but it brings the heads of the flowers closer together. 

I grew up in a house next to our family’s greenhouses which meant I could run through flowers every single day. We also had lots of land…about seven acres…and everywhere you looked there were flowers! Even in the winter, I had the luxury of the Hidden Meadows inside the greenhouses. In the summer the back lot (not seen from the street) was filled with flowers too! This bouquet reveals the memories of hidden flower gardens. 

I also share my tip for grouping like flowers together to create impact and prevent a polka-dot look to your bouquet. This episode is filled with great tips that will make you feel like a pro when it comes to creating flowers at home! Enjoy!