Rows of Flowers in a Box with J’s Bouquet – “Nightfall”

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’ll show you an easy way to waterproof a container (that won’t hold water on it’s own)…and then I’ll create a flower foam based arrangement in a box with rows of Flowers.

The container for today’s project has a wonderful history. My dad made this box using the wood from the old flower benches salvaged when they were tearing down the family greenhouses. It’s rich in history and it’s smartly built…he did a little something that makes it easier to arrange in (watch the video to catch this trick!).

I arrange the flowers in rows…just like in a flower field or inside a greenhouse…and I use one of J’s Bouquets, “Nightfall”!

One of my favorite experiences is a greenhouse at night! There’s a special enchantment that happens there. The smell of moss, moonlight on the leaves and the flowers begin to transform into special tones under the moonlight. The feeling you get when night falls in the greenhouse is incomparable. This textured collection evokes mystical memories of a greenhouse after nightfall!