Make a Flower Crown

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’ll show you how to make a Flower Crown using one of J’s Bouquets, “Sunset Drive”.

My Grandparents Carnation Joe and his Lily picked me up after school every day…and that’s when the adventures would begin! We would pick cattails or make flower deliveries and the timing was always perfect to catch the sunset from the back seat of their car. Grandpa would park the car on top of a hill and we would just sit there in wonder as the colors streaked across the sky. The Sunset colors of this bouquet were always their favorite!

Flower Crowns are super popular and this is my favorite way to make them…so that you have a Capital “C” Flower Crown. It’s about it being dynamic and special and having flowers go all the way around your head! 

You feel super special when you wear a flower crown…and it’s a fun way to celebrate any Day or Occasion!