Tape Grid Hack featuring “Pinky Swear” – J’s Bouquet!

This week, I share one of my favorite tips for arranging flowers in a large mouthed vase…It’s the Tape Grid Hack using Clear Anchor Tape from Oasis Floral Products. The Flowers I’m using today are from one of J’s Bouquets called “Pinkie Swear”!

My first dog was a poodle named “Blossom”. She was my best friend. My mother would gently dye her fur with food coloring for the Holidays.  My mother preferred red food coloring, rendering blooms the prettiest shade of pink. I loved walking my pink dog through the greenhouses and visiting the flower shop. Blossom loved the attention too! This bouquet is dedicated to “le petit chien”…my dog Blossom that my mother would “magically turn pink” twice a year…Pinkie Swear! 

This secret trick makes flower arranging so easy, fun and simple…and the results will make you look like a pro! Let’s get started and create a beautiful pink arrangement…at home with Flowers!