Break-a-way Flower Bouquets with J’s Bouquets!

Sometimes we want flowers all around the house…and that’s when we create Break-a-way Bouquets using small vases. We can use one J’s Bouquet and create 5-6 smaller arrangements that can be placed all over the house. 

This week’s project features “Bright Side”…one of J’s Bouquets. 

I love a mixed bouquet. This style is true American Floristry, including different flower types in a myriad of colors. In Britain, such a grouping is kindly referred to as the “American Clown Bouquet”.  My Nanny who raised me in the art of storytelling, was also a professional clown! Dorothy was my “other Mom” and had the unique ability to always look on the bright side of any situation. This bouquet is filled with color and heaps of positivity. As Dorothy always said, “when in doubt, look on the bright side!”. 

The positive effects like health and wellness benefits from arranging, gifting or just being around flowers are plentiful. This simple technique for Break-a-way Bouquets will provide benefits all through your home!