Foliage First arranging featuring Day Break – one of J’s Bouquets!

We all love flowers…and I’m on a mission to help make it easy for you to enjoy arranging flowers at home! That’s where a foliage bouquet can make flower arranging super Easy!

I start with Foliage First, with a J’s Bouquet from FernTrust and then just add flowers…the “DayBreak Bouquet” from J’s Bouquets by Sunshine Bouquet. 

The Day Break Bouquet has a wonderful story…My dad exuded positivity. He rose early every morning, thankful for another day…and even more thankful that he worked with flowers. His favorite color was yellow and he loved his breakfast eggs sunny-side up. This bouquet illuminates a room and makes you feel better immediately! Just like the sun coming up in the morning, there’s something about daybreak that makes everything better! 

You can use a Foliage Bouquet like this or even trim some foliage from your garden. The foliage forms a structure and it makes placing flowers in a vase easy and enjoyable. Let’s create a beautiful bouquet that’s bright and sunny…with J’s Bouquets!