Double Down – making a Big Bouquet featuring “Violet Eyes” J’s Bouquet

Sometimes we want to make a BIG Impression…and the easiest way is to “Double Down”. Meaning, use two bouquets instead of one! Maybe you have a BIG Vase that needs to be filled…there could be lots of reasons you want to “Go Big”.

It’s easy…just use two bouquets and put them together. I show you just how easy it is using “Violet Eyes”, one of J’s Bouquets. My Grandpa grew violets in the greenhouse…not to sell, but to give away. He would pick bunches and pass them out on the corner just to make someone’s day! That’s the kind of guy he was. He loved sharing flowers and their benefits. Only one vendor used to sell violets at the Flower Market in San Francisco. I would always make sure to visit and buy a bunch. Somehow, when I lay my eyes on violets, life naturally gets better. (Did I mention my dinner with Elizabeth Taylor? I’ll have to tell you another time…maybe)

I share a simple trick of criss-crossing stems to create a grid that makes flower arranging in a big vase super easy. And, be sure to enjoy every second…that way you can double down on the Health and Wellness benefits when arranging too!