Flowers Around the House with “Cream in your Coffee” – one of J’s Bouquets

I love having flowers around the house…and not just in one specific place. I have places for different types of arrangements and different styles…So today, let’s take one of J’s Bouquets called “Cream with your Coffee” and make a few different types of arrangements.

My Grandpa always insisted that the cream be poured into his coffee cup first, and the coffee poured gently there-on. He made this request everywhere he went and I would watch the coffee swirl together with the cream to make an incredible café au lait color. This bouquet has those same colors. To this day, I love coffee with lots of cream and I like my flowers the same way…creamy and dreamy!

I’ll make a contemporary arrangement in flower foam and we’ll use a gold colored pedestal vase…and then a couple of metal bowls for the remaining flowers. I can place these three bouquets around the house so that I have the health and wellness benefits of flowers all over the house! Enjoy!