Semi-Homemade Flower Arrangement

This is a great way to dress up a simple bouquet you bought at the grocery store…I call it a Semi-Homemade Flower Arrangement because we’re taking that simple bouquet to the next level with some foliage from the garden. 

This arrangement is created in a block of soaked flower foam. I’m using the NEW biodegradable Midnight Foam and have placed it inside a compote. Then I use 2 kinds of mint from the garden…smooth leaf and rough leaf… and a stem of Scented Geranium (that even has a bloom!). Placing these stems of garden foliage in the arrangement give it a wildflower look and upgrade this simple market bunch of flowers. 

Adding the flowers from the Magenta Colorful Quartet (part of J’s Bouquets), I can create a semi-homemade arrangement in just a few minutes and have a wonderful centerpiece that will last a long time! It’s that easy to have flowers at home!