Hana Kubari – with “Starry Eyed” – J’s Bouquet

This is a Japanese Flower Arranging Technique I learned many years ago when studying Ikebana in Japan. It’s called Hana Kubari and uses a stick as structure to aid in the arranging process. The Stick is placed inside the vase. The term “Hana Kubari” translates as follows…“Hana” means flowers and “Kubari” means twig. Thus, a stick for flowers placed inside the vase to create structure. 

Many times you will see this technique used in Ikebana…Often, there are lips or edges on vintage Ikebana vases that are created to hold the sticks in place. Other times, soft pliable stems are used that can be bent into place to provide the structure. 

Today, we use this simple technique with a forked branch from a burning bush branch. It is cut to size and then placed in the cylinder vase to aid in the arranging process. It’s a fun way to experience the art of Japanese Flower Arranging…and also helps us create a unique arrangement. 

This J’s Bouquet is named “Starry Eyed”… I’ve always loved flowers, and we grew lots of flowers! The Magnum® white mums in this bouquet remind me of disbudding chrysanthemums. As a child, my grandpa taught me how to disbud early and I would stand high atop a ladder, removing the buds and looking over the benches of mums- Starry eyed- dreaming of a life completely surrounded by flowers. Never forget… Dreams do come true!