Create your own Fields of Flower Libation- with this flavor filled #FlowerCocktailHour Recipe!

Fields of Flowers Cocktail- #Flower Cocktail Hour

Fields of Flowers Cocktail – #FlowerCocktailHour

Watch Episode #301 – Fields of Flowers- of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom- HERE!

Fields of Flowers can be intoxicating- so why not create a Fields of Flowers cocktail that replicates the flowery presence of flowers in flavor and appearance?  It’s refreshing- and has an incredible bouquet… you can adjust the flavor of your flower field cocktail – by adding more of less of the different ingredients!

Enjoy creating your own Fields of Flowers Cocktails- who says you can't drink your flowers???

Enjoy creating your own Fields of Flowers Cocktails- who says you can’t drink your flowers???

Combine the following items in a cocktail shaker filled with ice…

Fields of Flowers ingredients:

2 oz of Elderflower Liquor- I prefer St. Germaine but there are other options. (also note- if you are looking for a Fields of Flowers Mocktail- substitute the Elderflower Liqour with Elderflower Syrup or Elderflower Flower Elixir)

2 oz Lavender infused Vodka- I created my own- by simply cutting fresh organic lavender from my garden- and tying about 25 stems into a bundle- and adding it a bottle of vodka- I poured the vodka into a large container- that can house the vodka and the lavender… I left the lavender in the bottle for only 24 hours… if you leave the lavender in the vodka too long it will become bitter… so keep an eye on this- it works quickly! It creates a beautiful lavender (almost deep purple colored) Vodka! (again if you’re looking for a Mocktail variation- use Lavender Syrup or Lavender Flower Elixir)

Squeeze an entire fresh organic lemon- into the cocktail shaker-

2 oz of Rose Simple syrup (you can refer to the recipe for PILLOW TALK- for directions on creating your Rose Water or Simple Syrup… also Rose Flower Elixir will work well here too)

Shake the ingredient vigorously- and pour into a glass of ice… *You can also use frozen flower ice cubes- COMING SOON- in Season 3 of Life in Bloom)…

Finish your cocktail with Tonic Water- if you want it less sweet- you can also use Soda water… your choice!

To create different flavors- use less or more your favorite Flower Ingredient- More Rosey? Add more Rose Syrup and less of the Lavender and Elderflower- you get the idea! You can be the creative “gardener” of your Fields of Flowers Cocktail!

Have Fun Creating your own Fields of Flowers Cocktail- and ENJOY your time amongst the flowers!