Behind the Bloom: “Field of Flowers” Arrangement

Let’s go behind the Bloom as I create an arrangement that goes with the “Field of Flowers” Flatbread segment and with the Field of Flowers episode!

I love having flowers around the house and of course, “Life in Bloom” is a show about flowers. So, I think it’s important for there to be beautiful flowers themed to each episode and also in certain segments as a background. This “Field of Flowers” arrangement is for the cooking segment where we make “Flower Field Flatbread” and also appears throughout this episode. 

This is a very freeform arrangement and while it looks “wild and natural”, I actually use the Midnight Foam from Oasis Floral Products to strategically place the flowers so they look like wild flowers. I think it’s fun to go behind the scenes and you get a feel for the calm, laid back nature of our productions. I like my flower arranging rituals…and I like to take my time and enjoy the process of arranging flowers!

My Crew does an incredible job and it’s fun to share these behind the scenes moments with you in our Behind the Bloom series! Enjoy!