How to arrange with Peonies!

Peonies are a traditional and much loved Spring Flower. As a child, we had 2 large acres of Peonies that my grandpa Carnation Joe would care for, pamper and of course harvest! We always wanted to be sure we had Peonies to offer our customers for Memorial Day… 

This meant pampering and caring for the Peonies…but also being aware if they were going to bloom too far ahead of Memorial Day. My Grandpa developed a trick that allowed him to harvest Peonies in bud stage and hold them for up to 3-4 weeks. I share this tip in this At Home with Flowers episode. It’s a trick I use so that I can save some Peonies each year and spread out the season when all my bushes want to bloom at once!

I also share tips for using Hosta Leaves as foliage support for the peony blooms and I used one of my favorite vintage vases for the project! I hope you enjoy this At home with Flowers video dedicated to one of my favorite flowers…the Peony! 

You can learn more about my theory- of Arrange-Plant here! Everything I plant in the garden is for arranging- while people may be infatuated with my garden- it’s function and usable- and rest assured- there is not showpiece that is off limits to my Dramm By-Pass Cutter- and my constant need to arrange, enjoy and share flowers from my Garden- Including Peonies!

I have about 17 different bushes- and probably about a dozen different varieties of peonies- some are tree peonies- other are your classic and some are unusual colors or compositions-I’m always looking for another variety to add to the collection! I love that that they come into bloom at different times- (and that I can stow away a few blooms for another day- with my Grandpa’s Peony Trick I share in this episode of At Home with Flowers!

I hope you have a favorite vase- and a favorite flower- Peony or otherwise- that you can arrange-plant- and enjoy- it’s all about having fun with flowers! Enjoy!