All Foliage Bouquet – from the Garden (or NOT!)

I love an All Foliage Arrangement…It’s unexpected and at the same time, it provides unique health and wellness benefits! A bouquet of all cut foliage will take in CO2 and transpire oxygen just like a plant. Add to that, the long lasting ability of foliage and all the different shapes, colors and textures. It’s a great GREEN alternative to cut flowers!

At the same time, it can also provide a structure for flowers or even permanent flowers (like I shared in the last episode of “At Home with Flowers”)…Today, I show you how easy it is to create an all foliage bouquet with different types of foliage I cut out of the garden. However, you may not have access to cut foliage in your garden or may live in an area where you can’t cut from the landscape. Fear NOT! Our friends at FernTrust have your back with their amazing Green Bouquets®. That way, you can pick up a foliage bouquet just like you do cut flower bouquets and voila, you can look like a pro…and enjoy the Fabulous Foliage Bouquet concept! 

I share the Ultimate Bouquet® part of the Green Bouquet collection…It’s as simple as open, cut and drop this hand-crafted foliage bouquet into a vase! It’s that easy…and you’re going “Green” in no time!!