Snowball Viburnum Arrangement!

I create arrangements for our Featured Flower Segments on “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”…but we decided that those arrangements shouldn’t go to waste and I can share some of my favorite tips and tricks for arranging flowers (and more about the flowers) if we taped them!

If you don’t mind lawn mower, airplane and garbage truck noise, then it’s a little peak behind the scenes of “Life In Bloom”. It’s also helpful to see how to make a Snowball Viburnum two sided arrangement with flowers from the garden and two different types of Hosta leaves. I use my Dramm Bypass Cutter for this arrangement too…Love those Dramm ColorPoint Tools!

It’s was a HUMID Day in West Michigan…so I share my thoughts about that too. I hope you enjoy this At Home with Flowers webisode and the Viburnum arrangement!