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Introducing Bloomx3 to the Floral Industry

BloomX3 : A Collaboration Between uBloom, BloomyPro, and New Bloom

The flower industry is ever evolving, with new technology and innovations guiding the new generation of workers in the industry. New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers have always placed an emphasis on innovation and collaboration within the floral industry and are known as floral industry connectors and collaborators. We believe that connecting the different segments of the flower industry and sharing innovative ideas is how this industry will bloom.

Floral Industry

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In this spirit, we’re proud to announce Bloomx3: New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers’ latest floral industry collaboration. This time, we’ve focused on flower education and are bringing together two of the industry’s pioneers and innovators – BloomyPro and uBloom.

“I believe that our industry needs to focus more on innovations which help all levels of floral creatives. We are very excited to be working with two pioneers in their sector – uBloom and J Schwanke offer incredible value to their students with education and opportunity. BloomyPro is a tool that can be used at all levels, from event planners and floral education students to professional florists, growers, and mass-marketers. It can be used for business, education, or for fun.” – Sahid Nahim


BloomyPro is an innovative floral software solution tailored to various sectors of the flower industry. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, flower supplier, BloomyPro’s many features can help your business grow. In addition to arranging flowers virtually and maximizing your creativity, BloomyPro allows flower creatives throughout the supply chain to publish and share their products. We love the 3D Display tool that lets us view collections and review and analyze financial goals.

BloomyPro is also a great business tool. It’s used to optimize assortments and eliminate the need for physical demos. By doing this, it can help businesses improve sales margins, reduce management costs, and optimize revenue management. Whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer, BloomyPro can take your business to the next level. Suppliers rave about customer data integration and real-time inventory options that set BloomyPro apart. Here’s what the CEO, Eric Egberts, has to say:

“Design, optimize, and manage your bouquet collection for and with your customer. BloomyPro is the most powerful tool.” – Eric Egberts

Another great aspect of BloomyPro is its use in flower education. It combines theory and practice and allows students to learn on the go. This excellent online learning tool is integral for the next generation of flower industry practitioners to flourish.

“Why ship samples every day when you can send them with one click with BloomyPro? It’s more sustainable, offers better control, and comes at almost no cost.” – Eric Egberts


uBloom is an educational platform devoted to flowers. The Flower Expert J Schwanke teaches aspiring florists and designers flower arranging techniques and other types of flower education important for success in the industry. J Schwanke is known for his flower arranging tutorials and his National Public Television show “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”, the show is presented by American Public Television.

Try out BloomyPro- with this Free Trial Offer… courtesy of BloomyPro and uBloom.com 

“I find the same relaxing benefits of arranging flowers at my fingertips with BloomyPro. Many times, I will take a moment to create a simple bouquet for enjoyment or relaxation. It’s the perfect way to take an instant flower break! – J Schwanke

uBloom was founded in 2006 and is a subscription-based website that offers hundreds of videos and other flower education resources. It’s a favorite when it comes to flower education and is known by those in the industry as a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about flower design and arranging.

Bloomx3: Connecting Flower Industry Visionaries

While both these visionaries are known individually in the flower industry, New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers have brought them together to further flower education. We’re offering uBloom subscribers and visitors- three free months of the amazing BloomyPro software to unleash their creativity!

“The technology of BloomyPro brings the flower industry up to date and provides both professional and educational opportunities for teaching techniques, creating proposals, and bringing the future of floristry into the hands of our future flower generations. – J Schwanke

We believe that BloomyPro is an excellent way for professional florists to save both time and money by embracing digital flower arranging. Florists can create their designs without real-world limits imposed on them and can both collaborate and share work with customers and admirers alike. Instead of spending money on samples, florists can save resources by using BloomyPro. In addition to saving samples and resources, they can also have fun and be inspired by the endless possibilities the software provides.

“With the challenges we see today with logistics, availability, and rising costs, BloomyPro provides a very valuable solution. You are able to conceptualize your arrangements, and try different combinations and concepts, all without investing in actual flowers!” – J  Schwanke

Both uBloom and BloomyPro are a big part of flower education, contributing to the industry’s establishment as a whole. New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers look forward to working with them and bringing such a great software to the forefront of flower education!