Herbal Arrangement from the Garden!

It’s time to go behind the bloom…and create an herb arrangement from the garden. It is used on “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” (episode #302 Hearts and Flowers) for my visit with Ms. Margo and her amazing hand crafted soaps! Ms. Margo’s soaps feature herbs and other secret ingredients so this arrangement is created from that inspiration completely from herbs and flowers from the garden…it’s a HOME Grown Bouquet! It features Butterfly Bush, Lavender, Crocosmia Flowers, Basil, Mint, Oregano and Scented Geranium. I create this arrangement in the small Rio Cache…one of my favorite vases that is made from 100% post consumer recycled glass. Join me as we go behind the bloom for a little chat and flower arrangement today on At Home at Flowers…ENJOY!