Decorative Green Planter!

It’s time to dig in the dirt…specifically, let’s create a Decorative Green Planter for our home, office or as a gift for a friend. Plants truly make life better…that’s why green plants are all the rage. Part of that popularity is for the health and wellness benefits they provide (just like flowers). Plants help clean the air and provide oxygen among other benefits…so having plants around our home or creative environment are essential. We’ll create this green planter in an eco-friend container from our friends at Arcadia Garden Products – a PSW Container (check out their selection online). It’s created from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic, stone and wood. These containers are decorative, water proof (yet they can be drilled with any drill bit to create drain holes for outdoor use) and perfect for interior decoration (because they are waterproof). We’ll be using beautiful green plants from Por La Mar Nursery…a Dracena, Prayer Plant and Croton…all plants that thrive in low light conditions and live well together. I also share tips for planting that include drainage, water retention and decorative texture…Enjoy!