Behind the Bloom – Flower Fragrance with Jenn Pascua!

Let’s go behind the Bloom with my wonderful funny friend Jenn Pascua. I invited Jenn to visit Life in Bloom to talk about Flower Fragrances! Jenn and I have a long history…She invited me on her LIVE Newscasts and Lifestyle show on WZZM, here in Grand Rapids MI. Today, she’s a media specialist and does all kinds of fun Social Media Events. It’s always a treat to have Jenn come and have a little fun. The TRUTH is that we have a ball and we go LONG…That means when we’re taping a 4 minute segment it turns into a half hour or more because we have so much fun! So here’s some EXTRA Time with Jenn…more than you saw in Episode 313- Bloom Happy (You can watch it here) . Enjoy this fun visit with my wonderful friend Jenn as we explore the different fragrances of Roses, Herbs and more!