Clove easily describes the Spicy Fragrance of Stock- and this is the perfect Flower Cocktail to accompany Stock Flowers!

Clove Screwdriver – #FlowerCocktailHour

#FlowerCocktailHour- this week features the Clove Screwdriver!

#FlowerCocktailHour- this week features the Clove Screwdriver!

Clove Screwdriver- #FlowerCocktailHour

The fragrance of Stock blossoms reminds me of clove – so what better ingredient to include in our cocktail – thank Clove Bitters!  I truly adore Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice- and I love creating it… I purchased a commercial grade Fruit Juice Press- many years ago- and a week doesn’t go by- that I’m not pressing out my favorite juice- Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit – just to name a few… 

Let’s Create the Clove Screwdriver- with the Signature Fragrance of Stock- and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice… and a little vodka!

Stock Flowers- also called “Night Scent” in Persia… where simply by walking through Stock planted in the garden- in the evening darkness- stirs the fragrance- to enhance the moonlit garden. It’s the fragrance- a sweet and beautiful clove type aroma- that is the Stock Flowers Signature!

Stay tuned for a Web-Exclusive Video- Behind the Bloom - as J arranges a companion bouquet of Stock Flowers to accompany the Clove Screwdriver! COMING SOON!

MOCKTAIL Version: Simply omit the Vodka- and just go with Fresh Squeezed OJ and Clove Bitters… YUMMY!


2 ounce of vodka4-6 oz of orange juice depending on serving glass

1 teaspoon of clove simple syrup or to taste1 cup of ice

Sliced orange, for garnish


Fill serving glass with orange juice, vodka, and clove simple syrup. Stir mixture to combine.

Serve garnished with a slice of orange.