Rustic Pink Tiger Lily Vase!

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’m creating a Rustic Vase- Behind the Bloom that will pair with a Flower Cocktail Hour Segment- that features a Maple based drink. I featured this drink in Episode #311 of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” on Public Television-the show is entitle “Nature Centered” – if you missed it- you can watch it here! We use Maple Syrup that was harvested locally and sustainably at Blandford Nature Center- right here in Grand Rapids Michigan!
The Featured Flower Cocktail Hour Craft Cocktail- is the “Maple on Tap Craft Cocktail”… it’s an interesting drink- as it combines both Bourbon and Craft Dark Ail- from Founders Brewery- also local and here in Michigan. You can get the recipe for this cocktail -that indeed packs a punch- at this link!
I always create a flower arrangement that is inspired by the cocktail- and that would be the secret ingredient- Maple Syrup that created the inspiration for this week’s project!   The Vase features a small local Maple tree- Eucalyptus Pods, Blush Astilbe and these incredible blush pink- rustic Tiger Lilies…that grow right outside my office window… I couldn’t resist using them! The Vase is a rustic vintage looking pedestal vase- from our friends at Accent Decor-  I use the  tiny Maple Tree as a structure for the other flowers… I hope you  Enjoy this Maple inspired vase arrangement- and give the cocktail a try!