Arranging Bells of Ireland!

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’m arranging Bells of Ireland and sharing some helpful hints for arranging them…as well as other line flowers. I also show off my Dramm Compact Pruners that allow me intricate detail work for leaf removal.
These line flowers are beautiful…they literally dance in an arrangement if we allow the line and form of the flowers to dictate the style of the bouquet. I’m arranging in the NEW Midnight flower foam from Oasis Floral Products (that is completely biodegradable). This offers me me an eco-friendly solution for specific placement of my Bells of Ireland. I also share tips for using Chrysal Professional 3 Flower Food and Chrysal Professional Glory. Both are my favorites for flower arranging!
This arrangement is featured in Episode #402 Bein’ Green- You can watch it here! 

Enjoy this Mono-Botanical arrangement of the lovely and lucky Bells of Ireland today on At Home with Flowers!