Grouping Flowers!

One of my favorite tips for making different kinds of flowers look important or give them the spotlight is the simple technique of grouping flowers. Grouping each kind of flower together gives them more emphasis…and it doesn’t turn out looking “polka-dot”! I love this technique and it raises the level of sophistication of your arranged flowers…simply by separating the different flowers from one another!

I’m using Bear Grass, Variegated Fatsia Leaves and Foxtail Fern, three of my favorite fabulous Foliage selections from FernTrust Inc. I’m also featuring Amazing Pink Variegated Hydrangea from California Pajarosa, Orange Parasol Romantic Spray Roses from Eufloria Flowers, Pink Cushion Protea from Resendiz Brothers Protea Farm, Peach/Orange Gerberas from Ocean Breeze International and Carnations from Pride Eclipse. This technique is easy to do and presents your flowers beautifully…every time! Enjoy!