Chicken Quesadilla- #recipeinbloom

Here's a great way to transform just about any leftover into a delicious entrée- the Quesadilla!

Recipe: Quesadillas from Leftovers

Leftovers- are the ultimate- “What goes around- comes around again” story!  Let’s take some leftovers and make a delicious meal- J makes quesadillas from various leftovers – could mention the different ingredients that could be used – Chicken, Steak, Pulled Pork. Add fresh or leftover vegetables, cilantro (or other seasonings) and cheese. 

The Quesadilla Concept is a great vehicle for using up leftovers… I simple warm up a few tortillas- and add just about anything- with some cheese- to the inside of the Tortilla- grill it on both sides… and voila- a left over- comes around again as a delicious entrée.

Start with “left over” Chicken Fajita Meat – (here’s my recipe for my Signature Chicken Fajitas) – or any other left overs- like beef or pork roast- and heat them on the stove- with the left overs from the chicken fajitas – I have peppers and onions too… if you don’t have those- you can quickly chop some up and stir fry them- and add the left over meat to season everything.

Place the heated mixture on one side of a Tortilla- and then cover with shredded cheese and fresh cilantro- and fold over!

Heat the tortilla- with mixture inside in a hot pan- until each side is lightly browned and heated through…

Remove from heat- cut into triangles- and serve with more Fresh Cilantro, Lime Wedges and Sour Cream…

What goes around comes around- and it’s a great way to create a #RecipeInBloom for your leftovers!