Behind the Bloom – Making Leis with Jennifer Pascua!

Today on Behind the Bloom, we’re making Carnation Leis with my wonderful friend Jennifer Pascua. Jennifer’s dad used to make leis for her family…and today Jenn and I get to visit and share some tips about making leis with one of my favorite flowers, the Carnation! Of course, I am making a Red Carnation Lei in honor of my Grandpa Carnation Joe…and Jenn is creating one in a myriad of purple and lavender colors. It’s a fun time when friends get together to make flowers of any kind…and we get to experience the health and wellness benefits of flowers too! It’s a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon. Check out Jenn’s appearance in Season 4 (where we also make a Tiki Cocktail)! Here’s a link to watch that show Episode #413 Tropical Blooms I even give Jenn a Tropical Flower Crown! Enjoy!