Cumulus Arrangement!

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’m creating a BIG cloud like arrangement that resembles a cumulus cloud for my visit with Aaron Ofseyer who is a Meterologist and also a BIG guy! The concept for this arrangement came from a trend report I created a few years ago which featured the trend Cumulus, based on Clouds.

This arrangement is “Cloud-Like”…featuring grey and blue flowers and foliage as well as white “Cloud-ish” flowers! I have two kinds of Eucalyptus from Bandy Ranch Flowers, White and Blue Hydrangea from Galleria Farms, “Magnum” Chysanthemums from Deliflor Latin America, Award Winning White Protea Buds from Splendor Farms and 3 Rose Varieties from “White Cloud” (a perfect addition), a David Austin® Variety called Lenora® and a White Garden Spray Rose called “Blanche”.

We’ll make this arrangement from start to finish…it’s a show stopper and is reminiscent of rolling white clouds! Enjoy! Have you ever considered making an arrangement- with flowers- that allows them to stand in or replicate- something else in nature? This arrangement is symbolic of a cumulus cloud- you could make an arrangement that looks like a rainbow- or a tree, or a mountain or landscape- the possibilities are endless… so perhaps it’s time to get your head INTO the clouds and do a little day-dreaming- to spark your creative spirit!