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Snow application with Tack 1000

This fun mechanic is perfect for Winter arrangements that could be enhanced by a bit of snow…
Using Design Master’s Tack 1000, a light adhesive that’s safe to spray on any foliage or flowers, I apply a light coat to my Tree Fern Topiary and then sprinkle with “Faux Snow”…the kind you might use around

White Winter Topiary!

Here’s a fun Winter Centerpiece that allows us to conjure up some snow for those that don’t have it…and for those of us that do…to bring it inside without the melting mess!

Today’s project features a Tree Fern Topiary that I created with one bunch of FernTrust Tree Fern, bound and clipped into a Topiary

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Floating Cranberry Mechanic

This fun mechanic is perfect for Christmas Arrangements in clear glass. Whether you realized it or not, cranberries FLOAT! That means when you pour them into a vase of water, they float on top of the water…creating a layer of Beautiful Color and Texture…and they can also help create structure and support stems!

I’ll use

Christmas Berry Centerpiece Trio

The Holidays are one of my favorite times to decorate. It gives us an opportunity to bring the colors and fragrance of Christmas into our homes!
This week’s project is a trio of cylinder vases accented with Cranberries, Princess Pine and Winterberry! The unique ability of Cranberries to FLOAT in water adds an extra dimension

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Adjusting Foliage On Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are much more forgiving than fresh flowers…especially when it comes to adjusting foliage. In today’s Mechanics Monday video, I show you how you can easily move and adjust the foliage on Permanent Flower Bushes to maximize your investment…and utilize all the pieces and parts of Silk flowers for your Permanent Projects

Permanent Flowers

Wedding Lesson – Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets

Permanent Flowers (or Silk Flowers) are very popular for Weddings today and the permanent flowers of today are much more realistic and they last for years to come. 
Today on Fun with Flowers and J, I share a Wedding Lesson on how to create Silk Flower Wedding bouquets…including my favorite tips, tricks and hints for

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Taping a Wire with Floral Tape

One of the most basic mechanics is a covered wire that has been taped with floral tape. In this week’s Mechanic Video, I show the simple technique for covering a wire with floral tape.

I learned this technique from my Grandmother…and any gauge of wire can be taped. I frequently see people struggling with this

Custom Holiday Garlands and Wreaths from FernTrust!

Everyone loves a Holiday Garland and Wreath…and I LOVE the way FernTrust customizes their Garland and Wreath Offerings. 
Let’s face it… Garland making is time consuming and cumbersome but with FernTrust, you simply contact Jana@Ferntrust.com – and tell her what you want!
Length of Garland, content and matching Wreath if you prefer! The “Elves” at FernTrust

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The Gala® Bouquet Holder – The Best Mechanic

Beautiful Bouquets are dependent on Creative Mechanics… and I created the Gala® Bouquet holder to provide Solutions for Flower Designers and Arrangers everywhere!

I knew first hand the challenges I experienced with inferior bouquet holders…and decades of experience helped me design a bouquet holder that offers:

360 Degrees of placement opportunities
Large Design Portals
2 Convenient sizes for