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How to Arrange Flowers: Rose Gold “Heirloom” Centerpiece

J creates an “Heirloom” themed centerpiece using accents of Rose Gold! The NEW Rose Gold Paint from Design Master allows J to color coordinate the Syndicate Sales Containers and accent succulents and berries… and the NEW Rose Gold ColorFresh Foliage from Ferntrust provides the perfect foliage. Reliant Ribbon’s “Heirloom Collection” is the final accent

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How to Arrange Flowers: Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers!

J shares a preview of the Double DVD Set, The Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Flowers…never before seen on uBloom! J shows his secrets to using color to affect emotion and mood for weddings and special events.

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The CA Grown Experience Visits Succulent Gardens!

J visits Robin Stockwell at Succulent Gardens in Castroville CA for an amazing day amongst “The Entertainers” of the Plant Industry. Robin was chosen by these Incredible Plants to be the Succulent Ambassador…and he’s spreading the joy and wonder these fantastic plants deliver. A day with Robin and his succulents is truly something to

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How to Arrange Flowers: Revisiting Rainbow Roses from 2007!

This Week J opens up the JTV Vault… and shares a JTV Episode from 2007, featuring Rainbow Roses from Happy Colors in Amsterdam. This was long before the craze for Rainbow Roses traveled all around the world… and it’s fun to see some of the unique ways this patented process was used on Roses

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How to Arrange Flowers: Trend Concept Arrangements from Ocean View Flowers!

J creates 4 Trend Concept Arrangements featuring flowers from Ocean View Flowers and Containers from Syndicate Sales. These concepts and flower palettes are available in the Ocean View Flowers Exclusive Trend Synthesis…available from Ocean View Flowers. J shows how easy it is to convey New Trends with Ocean View Flowers and Syndicate Sales Containers.

How to Arrange Flowers: Orchid Tree

J creates a stunning Special Event Orchid Tree…using the Orchids from Mellano and Company. The Tree form from Accent Décor is the perfect ‘armature’ to support waves of orchids… It’s easy and Spectacular with the tips you learn from J!

The CA Grown Experience Visits California Pajarosa Floral

Spend a Day amongst the Roses (and Hydrangea)…with J as he visits California Pajarosa Floral in Watsonville CA. Paul Furman and Al Mitchell share the inside story behind their Amazing Roses and Hydrangea production. Using time honored techniques and cutting edge technology, this CA Grown Flower Farm is Blooming!

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How to Arrange Flowers: Fleur la Table’ Chicken wire cloche’ centerpiece!

J shares Flower Inspiration Boards from Esprit Miami that coordinate with the uBloom Trend Synthesis for 2015. Using Esprit Miami Flowers that coordinate to the Fleur la Table’ Trend and Color Palette, J creates an elegant table centerpiece in an Accent Décor Chicken Wire Cloche…

How to Arrange Flowers: The uBloom 2015 Trend Synthesis Collection

J shares the uBloom Trends for 2015… Featuring these 4 Trend Concepts: Fairytale, Cumulus, Fleur La Table’, and Heirloom. Each Concept is discussed and features the NEW Trend Style, Flowers Color Palettes from the uBloom Trend Synthesis 2015.