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How to Glue Fresh Flowers!

In this week’s video blog, I share my favorite tips for gluing fresh flowers in this 5 minute video…teaching you the technique for using Oasis Cold Adhesive.
Wiring and taping is an art…perhaps a lost art…but nonetheless, an art! However, it’s not the best process if you want your flowers to last a long time.

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Flower Arranging Lesson – 4 Elements

This week, I share 4 elements of flower design in this how to arrange flowers video. I create a formal linear arrangement featuring Central Vertical Access, Focal Area, Framing and the Invasive Foliage Placement that creates depth. These simple techniques are easy to understand and implement and will give you the confidence to create

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Forever Flower Lesson: Floating Flowers!

I continue to expand the archive of the Forever Flower Lessons…teaching and inspiring you to create wonderful permanent flower arrangements. 
Floating Forever Flowers can add a distinctive twist and is unexpected! It’s easy and simple using a hot glue gun and dried flower foam to create a floating base that will hold permanent flowers…allowing them

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Snowy Protea Centerpiece

It’s winter time…and that means we can make it snow…on our Protea! That’s right…Protea are such popular flowers and this project is magical! It features sparkling snow and frosted glass thanks to my friends at Design Master Color tool! 
The project has two elements…The first is a glass cylinder that I stripe with überFrost from

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Flower Lesson: Flower “Cocktails”

I continue with my popular Fast & Easy Flower lessons with “Flower Cocktails”, using cocktail stemware from around the house to create fun flower accessories for your next dinner party or special event! One or two flowers is all it takes to create these fun cocktails…and the “vases” are sitting in the cupboard waiting

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5 Minute Succulent Centerpiece

In this week’s video blog, I create a succulent centerpiece in 5 minutes using 3 ingredients…
Succulents that have been ‘stemmed’ with bamboo stakes, Green Ball Dianthus and Hypericum. The centerpiece is created in Oasis® Flower Foam and goes together simply and easily. You need a Dramm® bunch cutter and a Swiss Army® Locking Blade

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Flower Lesson – Arranging Flowers in Vegetables!

This week, I expand our Flower Lessons by sharing a simple lesson that shows how to arrange flowers in vegetables. In this example, I use peppers (in this case, a red pepper), carve out the center and add flower foam for arranging flowers. This can be done with many types of vegetables and provides

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Life in Bloom Buttons (set of 6)

Set includes: 6 Buttons
  1 Large “Life in Bloom” Button
  5 Small Flower Buttons
      -Pink Gerbera Daisy
      -Yellow Sunflower
      -Green Hydrangea
      -Orange Rose
      -Purple Dahlia
No substitutions
*Price includes 6 Buttons only, all buttons are packaged together, Shipping and Handling NOT included in price

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Oasis® Design Tray

This week’s mechanic is the Design Tray from Oasis®. This flower foam wreath tray is affixed to a hard plastic tray for durability, portability and the ability to add water…to make the project last! Wreath shapes are very popular and having the opportunity to use flower nutrient soaked flower foam will insure this project