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Forever Flowers – Spheres of Blooms!

This week, I continue my Flower Lessons for Forever Flowers…with a nifty project featuring flower spheres. These little globes of flower blooms are a perfect decorative accessory to your home.
Flower spheres are easy to create and look terrific once completed. You can use all different types of flowers in different colors and textures. This

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Accent Color on Foliage

We’re all familiar with the Great ColorFresh Monstera Leaves from FernTrust. This simple color technique adds an extra touch of depth and dimension…in color!

Spraying the back of Metallic Monstera Leaves with an accent color (like Pacific Blue) gives the back side of the leaves an accent color that shows up at different angles.

It’s a

Ombré Moongate from Portofino!

Moongates (a crescent shape covered with Flowers or Foliage) are all the rage for Weddings and Special Events…Today on Fun with Flowers and J, I create a Moongate using the structure from Portofino in the Dallas Market Center.
To make it Ombré, I’ll use a custom made garland from FernTrust…created with several tones of ColorFresh

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Tool Care – Video Blog!

This week’s 5 Minute video blog is dedicated to our tools! The proper tools mean the difference between working smarter or struggling…it’s really that simple. I sharpen my tools daily. I clean them after every use. I take care of them because my tools are the extension of my work…and it makes all the

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Windswirl Arrangement with Permanent Botanicals

This week, I continue my Forever Flowers Lessons with this easy technique for creating a Windswirl arrangement inside a lily bowl. I do love a lily bowl as it makes arranging easy. It’s a SMART Vase and by advantaging the memory wire inside permanent botanical flowers, it’s easy to bend and manipulate the flowers

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J’s Favorite Things for Christmas!

The holidays are a very special time and flowers help us create memories! Thinking back on all the Christmas Holidays I’ve celebrated, flowers have always been super important. 
When it comes to Christmas, I certainly have my favorite things I like for the holidays. Red Carnations are A MUST…no real surprise but it’s true! There

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Foliage Garlands – The EASY Way!

This week’s video blog is about Foliage Garlands…one of the Most Popular Trends for Weddings and Special Events. 
Long ago, I learned that making garlands is difficult, time consuming and labor intensive…AND I found the perfect solution. My friends at FernTrust create Custom Garlands… any style, any content, any width…and any length! You simply contact

24k Gold Bamboo Centerpiece!

This week’s project was inspired by one of the World Class Window Displays in the Dallas Market Center…featuring gold urns filled with Giant Gold Banana leaves!
The project is created in Prestige Urn from Accent Décor. It features Bamboo and Aspidistra leaves from FernTrust that have been gilded with 24kt Gold Paint from Design Master

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Bamboo as a vase

Bamboo actually forms a natural vessel for flowers or foliage during the growth process. There is a hollow chamber inside each stem of bamboo, between each joint, that can hold water. It can support foliage like it does in todays Fun with Flowers and J project. It can be filled with flower nutrient water