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Card Combo

*Includes J’s Color Card (2) , Flower Care Card (2) and Set of (6) Buttons
Get J’s Color Card and Flower Care 101 Card (You get 2 of each so you can hang or post
both sides) and a set of our collectible “Life in Bloom” buttons
$30 VALUE!
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The “Short Cut” with J’s Bouquet – “Blooms-a-Go-Go”

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’ll share the “Short Cut”…a fast and easy way to create a beautiful flower arrangement in a short vase. This project also features one of J’s Bouquets…“Blooms-a-Go-Go”. It’s a collection of bright pink flowers that remind me of my Grandma Lil. 
When I think of Hot Pink, I think

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Book & Card Combo

*Includes 2 Books (Fun with Flowers and Bloom 365), J’s Color Card (2), Flower Care Card (2) and set of (6) buttons
Get both of J’s Award Winning Books, 2 Color Cards, 2 Flower Care Cards and a set of 6 collectible “Life in Bloom” buttons (Sorry, no cover choices on Bloom 365 books)
$70 VALUE! This

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Behind the Bloom: Flowers to Wear with Angela Cunningham!

Let’s go behind the bloom with my friend Angela Cunningham…with ideas for Flowers to Wear! My friend Angela is a newscaster for the local ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids, MI and reports early every morning…
Angela joined me in the studio to create unique flowers to wear which are different from the typical corsage or

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At Home with Flowers – How long should I cut my Flowers?

Today on At Home with Flowers, I share one of the most common questions I get about flower arranging: How LONG should I cut my Flowers?
This question links directly to one of the elements and principles of Flower design…Proportion. Proportion is determined by the size of the vase so the answer to this week’s

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At Home with Flowers – Tools for Arranging Flowers

One of the most popular questions I get is about what tools to use for arranging flowers… and I answer that question today in this episode of At Home with Flowers!
My Go-To Tool is the ColorPoint Bypass Pruner by Dramm Lawn & Garden Tools. I love the ColorPoint Tools! They come in 6 vibrant

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At Home with Flowers – Let’s Start at the Beginning…

I’ve created over 2000 Videos about arranging flowers for Weddings, Holidays, Professionals and Hobbyists. I’ve also created documentaries about Flower and Foliage Farms in California, Florida and even South America…as well as my new National Public Education Television show “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”…you can watch it online here: https://ubloom.com/flowers/life-in-bloom/episode-guide/ or choose by your favorite

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Coat Hanger Mechanic

The Mechanic for this project is a simple coat hanger…It provides a heavy wire that serves as support to anchor the willow podocarpus and blush calla lilies.

A coat hanger also provides a hook and it’s a simple mechanic to paint with Design Master Color Tool. I chose a blush color for this project…

It’s great to know

How to make a Calla Lily Hoop

This is a fun project…and Calla Lilies are the perfect flower to add to our American Grown Willow Podocarpus from FernTrust.
I painted the coat hanger with Blush Design Master Color Tool…and then I use Oasis Bind Wire as the mechanic to create this event accessory. It’s a simple process and the same method I

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