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Fresh Foliage with Permanent Flowers!

In today’s video blog, I create an arrangement using the Green Bouquet from FernTrust. I accent it with a branch of Viburnum and a branch of Mock Orange from the garden. Then, I add SUPER Realistic Permanent Peonies,Café au lait Dahlias and Delphinium!
I’m able to create a very realistic bouquet with these permanent flowers…easily

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Behind the Bloom_with Dusty Brown and Bonsai Trees

Let’s go behind the bloom with Dusty Brown and his Bonsai Trees! Dusty brought so many great examples from his personal collection…and he had a lot more valuable information to share for those of us that may want to get started on our own Bonsai Japanese Craft!
This is a great example of why we

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Sorting Flowers for Hand Tied Bouquets!

Here’s a tip for getting organized…It’s a good way to sort through your flowers and insure that you remove any leaves that will fall below the water line.

It’s also a great opportunity to check out all the flowers and insure they are healthy and happy by removing any thorns, broken stems, buds or other ‘trouble

How to create a Hand-Tied Bouquet

Today on Fun with Flowers and J, I show you how to create a traditional Hand-Tied Bouquet. The technique is easy once you know the secret…and it’s even more impressive when the finished bouquet can stand up on it’s own.
The Bouquet features “Crazy Eye” roses and “Pink Parasol” Spray Roses from Eufloria Flowers, Baronia,

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Behind the Bloom: With Grace Boersma and Marimo Moss Balls

It’s time to go behind the bloom with my AMAZING niece, Grace Boersma! I love her…can you tell??? We always have so much fun and we really connect when it comes to Marimo Moss Balls…
When Gracie visited me on Life in Bloom, we learned a lot and shared about the Marimo Moss Balls!
Join us

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Forever Flower Lesson: Vase inside a Vase!

Join me for this Forever Flower Lesson…It features a fun technique to use a vase inside another vase and then fill it with something fun (in this lesson, Jelly Beans!).

Placing one vase inside another allows you to feature textural items like pinto beans, coffee or even a photo or hand drawn art in between

Behind the Bloom: Hope Dahlias

It’s time to go behind the bloom with my sweet friend Kristen Farmer at Hope Dahlias. I truly love Kristen and her mom Barb Esch…and I love seeing them at the Farmers Market with their beautiful Dahlias. 
Hope Dahlias truly provide hope for so many people and Kristen was a little nervous to have me

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Florida Foliage Wreath Ring

We’ve got a “LOST EPISODE” of Fun with Flowers and J…and it’s from our Florida Foliage Tour. It features the Fabulous Foliage from Florida, Succulents and a few fresh flowers.
Our friends at FernTrust suggested we stay at the Historic Sprague House in Crescent City Florida. It was a great home base for the tour

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Behind the Bloom: Crane Dance Farm

It’s time to go behind the bloom…with our friends Jill and Mary at Crane Dance Farm. I love the opportunity to show you what goes on behind the scenes. This footage would have been “on the cutting room floor” as they say…
Behind the Bloom gives us the opportunity to share some special moments that

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