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Fill a Watering Can with Garden Flowers!

Flowers are coming up in our gardens all over the country…and you can bring some of that beauty from the garden INSIDE to celebrate Spring!
There are great tips included for harvesting flowers from your garden! Remember, the simple act of arranging flowers helps us have happier thoughts, reduce depression, feel less stressed and much

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All Foliage Arrangement Video Blog

In this week’s Video Blog, I create an All Foliage Arrangement featuring Fabulous Foliage from Ferntrust. This video shows how to create a stunning all foliage arrangement that can also help clean the air…a health and wellness benefit of foliage!
I pair this VLOG with a Blog entry- that includes my favorite foliage projects, and

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Forever Flower Lesson: Using Glue with
 Forever Flowers

This week, I add to my Forever Flower Lessons with a simple lesson about using glue (specifically, hot glue) and the different types and ways you can use it. 
This lesson lays out my favorite tips and tricks for using a Hot Glue Gun (I prefer a low-temp glue gun)…or my favorite, Pan Melt Glue

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Color Shifting with Natural Colors by Design Master

Design Master creates the most natural colors and that makes color shifting easier…because the colors are derived from flowers!
Design Master Color Tools allow you to gently shift flower colors to fit any palette… It’s a little assistance to Mother Nature the color experts at Design Master have perfected!

Natural Color Shifting with Design Master!

Today’s project on Fun with Flowers and J calls for a little Natural Color Shifting…and who better to help than Design Master Color Tool! Using the NEW Honeycomb and Peachy, I’m able to take a limited amount of flowers and expand my color palette with Design Master. The great part about the colors from

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Longer Lasting Flowers – with Chrysal Glory!

This week’s video blog provides the secret to longer lasting flowers…with Chrysal Professional Glory!
It’s an anti-transpirant that helps seal the molecular structure of the flower…and thus prevents the flower from transpiring water off the face of the flower quickly. This is an ideal treatment for Hydrangea, Astilbe, Roses and any flower that you want

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Hydrangeas in Flower Foam – SUCCESS!

This week’s video blog is about Hydrangeas in foam…I know a lot of you get nervous when it comes to placing Hydrangeas in flower foam but don’t worry! Just follow these steps:

Use Good Quality Foam. In this vlog, I use the NEW Midnight Foam from Oasis® . It’s bio-degradable and transfers water to the

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Color-shift your flowers with Design Master!

Using Design Master Color Tools, you can quickly and easily shift the color of flowers and foliage to match your color palette or theme of your wedding or event. Natural Colors created by Design Master allow the shift to look as if Mother Nature herself helped in the process.

Heather-ish for Color-shifting Flowers with Design Master!

I’m introducing one of the NEW colors from Design Master…Heather-ish. This wonderful antique lavender color is trend forward and so popular. In our project, I use Heather-ish to paint a glass vase from the thrift store…and to color-shift Hydrangea, Protea, Zinnias and Victoria Fern from www.Ferntrust.com…giving it a wonderful antique lavender coloration. Check all

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