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Mom’s Favorites Require Some TLC

Written by Gay Smith
Flowers push our sentimental buttons and make Moms smile.
Flowers drink more solution when it’s hot and mid-May is pushing right into summer.
Set up processing buckets a day ahead of delivery to pre-chill the solutions.
Prepare a back stock bucket of Chrysal Professional #2 and store in cooler.
Use cold solution to fill vases

What Can You Learn From a Group of Farm Retailers?

Written by John Stanley
I have just finished speaking at the FARMA Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. This conference was a mix of a tour, trade show and conference and was an opportunity to study retailing in this sector. Prior to the conference I walked Princess Street, possibly the main retail street in Scotland. I was

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Valentine’s Day Best Practices

Written by Gay Smith
1. PREPARE BUCKETS like a Chrysal Professional!

Prepare solutions with COLD water. NO ICE (dilutes the mix as it melts)
Measure when mixing (correct dose gives 100% efficiency)
Gerberas, daffs, cut hyacinths: 1 Professional Gerbera pill per ½ gallon water

Hydration for dry-packs, woodies and hard to hydrate flowers:
Chrysal Professional #1: 1 pump per 1

Chrysal Dosing Unit Trouble Shooting

Written by Gay Smith

Q: I have the Chrysal Dosing Unit installed but it’s not working.
A: Make sure the arrow on the unit is pointing toward the ‘out-flow’ hose (the hose leading to the fill tap). Turn off supply, disconnect hoses from each side of the base unit, remove the unit from the wall bracket, turn

Poinsettia Care At a Glance

Written by Gay Smith
First consideration is temperature management. Poinsettias are native to Mexico. These plants like bright light. Unless you are a snowbird the Southwest or overwintering in Florida, bright light in winter months means as sunny a location as possible in the house. Poinsettias love the same indoor temperatures as most home dwellers,

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Ice Age

Written by Gay Smith
Dilemma: How to defrost a (floral) Neanderthal mentality

I live close to a very cool store that is part of a local chain in Portland, OR. These stores specialize in locally grown meat, poultry and produce. They offer everything from bulk flax seed and hemp massage oil to organic Air-Maui pineapples. Displays

Building Sales is About Building Relationships

Written by John Stanley
Over the last few months, I have been working with clients in eleven countries. All of them have had economic difficulties. Some retailers are looking at the state of the economy and complaining about lost sales whilst others are looking at the same economy and seeing business opportunities.

Some of these retailers

Flower Care and Handling Hieroglyphics

Written by Gay Smith
Sanitation: Matters!

Botrytis: Keep petals DRY

Temperature: Avoid fluctuations

Ethylene Gas: Silent, but deadly!

Mix flower food with COLD water

Be Prepared: Make quick transfers

Hydration: Allow time (2 – 4 hrs min)

Dosing: Measure to get your money’s worth

No Ice: Serve your flower solutions straight up!

Peel guard petals only if blemished or diseased!

Stripping: Best performed in privacy

Orchid Care and Information

Written by Gay Smith
Facts about Orchid Customers:

WHO IS BUYING (as indicated by Consumer surveys conducted by Green Circle Growers)

The average orchid consumer is a 50-65 year old married woman who owns her home and has a high school diploma

She likes to display orchids in her living room

She prefers pot color to match home décor