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Carnation Pave’ – Now this is EASY and Impressive!

Carnations are amazing flowers- they come in such a wide variety of colors… and so many of the Colors are unexpected. Today there are carnations in Orange, Caramel, Deep Purple and tri-colors- that look almost like peonies. It’s truly amazing- and it’s so unexpected.

This project- I call it the Carnation Pave’- (that’s a term

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Episode 13- Demystifying Orchids

Host J Schwanke shares what you need to know to experience the joy of orchids. Visit an orchid farm, create an orchid wreath, and most important: learn how to care for your orchid plants.

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Orchids are a favorite- whether it’s a decorative houseplant or fun flower to arrange- or even for special

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Orchid Bath Soak- Flowers for the Bath!

Taking time to relax and recharge is important- and you can incorporate flowers into that relaxation practice- with this easy to create Orchid Bath Soak. We all love to take a relaxing hot bath- and the addition of orchid bath salts can add to the aromatherapy of your soaking session. Follow these simple instructions

Vanilla Orchid Cocktail Recipe- #FlowerCocktailHour

Vanilla Orchid Cocktail

Many don’t realize that Vanilla is orchid produce- the vanilla pods used to make vanilla extract or flavoring- come from an orchid… so this #FlowerCocktailHour Treat is a the Vanilla Orchid Cocktail… a hand crafted refreshing after dinner dessert drink. Enjoy!

White Peppermint Liquor
Vanilla Flavored Vodka
White Chocolate Liquor
Organic Half and Half- or Heavy

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Episode 12- Terrariums: Life under Glass

Host J Schwanke shows you how to bring more fun, whimsy, and wonder into your life with terrariums, and terrarium-inspired recipes, crafts and entertaining arrangments.

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Terrariums are on the menu for “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom”. These miniature eco-systems are perfect for those that want a low maintenance flower or

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Cindy McKown- my Sister!

My sister Cindy joins me on this episode of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom to create Terrariums. She makes the most interesting and exquisite Terrariums… and has always been a huge talent when it comes all kinds of plants- She and I worked in our Family Business Greens Greenshouses together for many years… and

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Terra Nostra Recipe- #FlowerCocktailHour

This Terrarium inspired cocktail is a Summer Favorite- Refreshing, Delicious and it also packs a punch! Using Rye Whisky and Elderflower- romanced with Ginger Beer- and splashed with bitters – you’re sure to enjoy the Terra Nostra! Serve in a Brandy Snifter to great effect!

Terra Nostra Recipe- #FlowerCocktailHour

Rye Whisky
Ederflower Liqour
Ginger Beer
Fresh Lime

Squeeze a half

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Blueberry Lavender Trifle #Recipe in Bloom

This Terrarium inspired dessert is easy and impressive! Created inside a clear glass bowl- the layered ingredients – show through the sides and mimic the interior of a terrarium. Whipping your cream by hand and adding Lavender flower elixir adds to the flower-riffic flavor or this delicious recipe!

Blueberry Lavender Trifle


1 Pound cake cut into

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P Allen Smith- Horticulture Expert!

I had the incredible opportunity to meet P Allen Smith through my work with the Dallas Market Center- several years ago- the HDA- Home and Decorative Association- asked Allen to give a keynote- at the Dallas Market Center- and sponsored him for the presentation. My Friend Kristy Morgan- was the executive director of HDA-

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