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Happy Clouds Cocktail – #FlowerCocktailHour

Colorful and fun, this deconstructed Negroni is inspired by Bob Ross’s popular painting show ‘The Joy of Painting’ (premiered in 1983) and his iconic phrase “Happy Little Clouds.” Continue Reading

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Episode 513- Flower Memories

Flowers have a way of intertwining with memories in this episode of Life In Bloom. We’ll visit with my grandpa, Carnation Joe, discuss first memories of flowers, memorialize those who’ve gone before us and even enjoy some happy clouds. Watch Video or Free Preview

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Share your “Schwankies” – FREE Flowers Contest!

Today we’re Happy to Announce an Exciting Flower Contest in collaboration with our Flower Friends at Ocean Breeze Farms, "Share Your Schwankies" Contest - to reward flower-loving viewers, at random, with - what else? - FLOWERS!! Continue Reading

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NPT’s “Life in Bloom” Event with J Schwanke

NPT’s ‘Life in Bloom’ Event w/J Schwanke Join us for NPT’s ‘Life in Bloom’ event with J Schwanke, a fun brunch and floral workshop. Date and time Starts on Saturday, September 23 · 11 a.m. CDT Location Nashville Public Television 161 Rains Avenue Nashville, TN 37203 Show map About this event Join NPT and flower expert J Schwanke, host of public television’s “Life in Bloom” series, for brunch and a fun workshop on incorporating flowers into your life. J will demonstrate projects such as arranging bouquets, making floral crafts and preparing edible flowers and flower cocktails. This fun flower event is like a LIVE episode of J’s popular public television show! $80 Brunch level: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. $200 VIP Brunch Level: 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. (Limited to 25 people) The 25-person VIP experience includes photo ops with J and one-on-one instruction on making a floral fascinator using fresh flowers and foliage! All materials are included at each price level. Click the link below to RSVP: https://flowers-npt.eventbrite.com Continue Reading

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Episode 512 – Flower Foraging!

More than once in my life have I foraged for flowers and foliage to arrange or add to a bouquet, sometime referred to as “Road-sidia.” However there are guidelines that are wise to follow - for example, you want to be able to harvest again in the future, so it’s important to limit what you take any single time. Herbs and other plants found in nature - whether in a rural or urban location, or even from your yard - can also be harvested and utilized in many ways. You can forage in your garden for botanicals that seem past their prime for a creative outcome to arrangements. One can also forage in the home for unexpected containers for a bouquets and unusual objects for other arrangements. Let’s discover what can be foraged, in this episode of Life In Bloom. Watch Video or Free Preview

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Episode #511 – Bouquets in Bloom

There are few things more inviting than a bouquet of flowers. If you want to make friends quickly, bring a bouquet as a cheerful offering – hardly anyone says “no” to a bouquet of flowers. I’ve found bouquets to be an effective calling card in all facets of living - personal, formal, professional, or casual - there’s an appropriate bouquet for any situation. Creating and giving a bouquet is a meaningful, personal, gesture – and need not be at all difficult – I’ll show you techniques for beginners to connoisseurs, on this episode of Life In Bloom. Watch Video or Free Preview

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Episode #510- Petal Pushers

J’s “pushing petals” – literally and figuratively on Life in Bloom. You’ll learn the importance of petal counts for roses, and the importance of retaining the “Gard petal”. Together we’ll craft with petals, and create a “Duchess Rose”. J assembles an artistic creation that can become an invitation or post card, creates a petal perfect mocktail, and even include petals in an hors d’ouerve spread! Watch Video or Free Preview

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Herbed Butter with Edible Flower Petals – #RecipeInBloom

- Using the back of a wooden spoon, smear the butter in a half-moon on a wooden cutting board, marble cheese board or platter. Really, anything works for presentation. - Season the butter generously with the flaky salt and the fresh cracked pepper. Zest the lemon overtop the butter. - Sprinkle on the flower petals and the fresh herb leaves, using as many or few as you like. - Serve the butter with a Saltines (or a french bread or interesting crackers... I love the Saltines... hehehe!) Continue Reading

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Ginger Rose Mocktail- #FlowerCocktailHour

Set up for this Mocktail- includes Organic Rose Petals affixed to the glasses with Local Honey! The set up for this 0 Proof Ginger Rose Fizz Libation- give it all the grace and wonderful of a Fancy Cocktail... to prepare the glass dip the edge of the highball glass into Organic Honey- I like to use Local Honey- this is from our Friends at Creswick Farms- and it's local - thus providing additional health and wellness benefits- Continue Reading

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