How to Create a Cancer Awareness Campaign for your Flower Shop!

Join J and Radio Personality Kim Carson from WLHT Radio for this Special Cancer Awareness Promotional Webisode. J shares some Fast and Easy Techniques with Kim on How to Create Fabulous Flower Displays… and shares some ideas to create Unique Cancer Awareness Campaign for your Flower Business! This episode is recommended for Professional Florists.

How to Make COGS Controlled Vase Arrangements with Arrangement Solution Kits!

J demonstrates how Fast and Easy it is to create profitable cut flower vase arrangements using the Arrangement Solution Kits! FernTrust, Golden Flowers and SunValley Foliage and Flower Kits are featured in this valuable hands on demonstration that graphic shows how quickly ASK makes flower arranging. This Episode is recommended for the Professional Florist!

Visit Texas State Florist Convention with J and watch him Create a Wedding Bouquet from an ASK KIT with ColorFresh!

J Travels to Dallas Texas and the Texas State Florist Association Show…and gives you a Tour of the Highlights of this great show. J showcases the wonderful products and benefits that you find inside a State Association trade show! This Episode is recommended for the Professional Florist!

How to create Assembly Line Rose Arrangements for Valentine’s Day!

For Valentines Day you can work Smarter…NOT Harder with the New Valentines Arrangement Solution Kits! J show you exactly how quick and easy it is to fill your orders creatively using the NEW Arrangement Solution Kits from Golden Flowers! J demonstrates 4 Arrangements appropriate for Holiday Sales in step by step process. Recommended for

How to use Arrangement Solution Kits for Holiday Assembly Line Arrangements!

Savor your Christmas Holiday Season with some assistance from Santa’s Little Helper… The Arrangement Solutions Kit! J demonstrates how fast, easy and profitable your Christmas Holiday Arrangements can be when you use the Arrangements Solutions Kits. From Vase arrangements to Centerpieces… Speed, Profitability and Creativity are waiting for you…JUST ASK! Suggested for Professionals.

How to create the Faux Handle Basket!

J shares a Garden Club Flower Arrangement Favorite. The Faux Handle Basket. Using the Elements and Principles of Flower Design and LONG Vertical Stems of Foliage J shares how to “wrap” up your next Flower Arrangement and really impress your guests. A Simple technique you can use with Pussywillow, Forsythia, Viburnum or other LONG

Marketing Flowers for Kids!

Sharing Flowers for Kids in your Flower Shop. This Episode is dedicated to Flowers for Kids and a program from South America that explores and explains the importance of introducing flowers to KIDS…to create life long flower buying customers. J includes some fun ideas designed to help grow and cultivate a love for flowers

How to make 5 Minute Flower Arrangements!

Creative 5 Minute Flower Arrangements are a Breeze using the Arrangement Solution Kits from Greenleaf Wholesale. This week J show a multitude of quick, easy fun solutions for creating many styles of arrangements from ONE Arrangements Solution Kit! These valuable ideas will help you transform a simple grocery store bouquet of flowers into a

How to make a Poodle Mum Arrangement!

In response to Over-whelming JTV View Requests… J revisits the POODLE Mum from Season Three Webisode Eleven and shares how to create this Popular FUN Project! You can follow J Step by Step as he transforms Mass Flowers (Chrysanthemums and Carnations) into a Flower Sculpture that looks like a Poodle!