How to arrange flowers: Brassica (Ornamental Kale) Arrangements

Brassica or Ornamental Kale is a popular Flower for Late Summer and Autumn… J shares expert care and handling techniques for Brassica, shows how to reflex these amazing “flowers” and then creates several arrangements…including a Fast & Easy Centerpiece with 3 Brassica and others that showcase different varieties and interesting techniques!

How to use CBVn Tablets from Chrysal USA!

J shares his favorite Secret to STIFF STURDY Gebera Daisy Stems… the CBVn Tablets from Chrysal USA!

Flower Care 101 Card

The 2 Sided Full Color Care and Handling Guide is an Essential Tool for Anyone that Loves Flowers, Flower Arranging and Design. With over 15 useful Flower Care and Handling Tips, Tricks and Professional Products…providing Good Information for Longer Lasting Flowers! uBloom is Everything Flowers…and this Handy Guide will make you an Expert when

FEBRUARY 2012 uBloom Newsletter: Daffodil Flower Care Tips

Daffodil Success…Let the SUN SHINE IN! 
By Gay Smith of Chrysal – uBloom’s Flower Care & Handling Expert
Daffs bleed a gooey sap when cut.  Bacteria love it and water gets polluted fast.

Set up a bucket with a gallon of cold water. Drop in one Chrysal Gerbera pill.

Let pill dissolve and pour the ready-to-use solution into

J’s Hands On Sympathy Workshop!

Travel to Texarkana Texas with J for one of his Hands On Fun with Flowers and J Workshops. Held at Greenleaf Texarkana J shares with you what it’s like to attend his Popular Hands on Classes… featuring the Finest Fresh Flowers and Premium Products and Supplies, J insures that EVERYONE learns techniques, procedures, (and

How to Make Wedding Bouquets with Gerbera Daisies!

uBloom Wedding Expert Tracy Park joins J today on JTV to create Glorious Gerbera Wedding Bouquets and Ravishing Reception Décor… using Gorgeous Gerbera Daisies! Tracy shares some tricks of the Trade for Wedding Design, Color Coordination and Care and Handling… It’s Gerbera-riffic TODAY on JTV!

How to create Submerged Flower Arrangements!

Join J as he takes us Underwater to create Submerged Flower arrangements. J shares the secrets to keeping your Flowers Submerged… Making your Flowers Last Longer and Even Illuminating your Submerged Creations. Many of these innovative arrangements use one or two flowers with Grand Results!

How to create a Topiary Centerpiece. How to care for Specific Flowers!

This Week Flower Expert J Schwanke teaches the Flower Shop Gang about Specialty Flower Nutrients from Chrysal USA… Special Hydration Nutrients for Roses and Hydranges, Bulb Food for All Types of Bulb Flowers and CVBN Tablets For Gerberas and other “Dirty” Stem Flowers! This episode is recommended for the Professional Florist. J also reveals

How to create a Customized Metallic Centerpiece!

J demonstrates Tips, Tricks and a Few Secrets to creating Wonderful Custom Finishes on Glass Vases and even Flowers using Quick Release Tape and Pipe Cleaners… Perfect for your next Flower Arranging Project. Design Master® Modern Metals offer tons of ideas you can use for your next party or special event!