How to Create a Wedding Bouquet with a Concealed Water Source!

J creates a Faux Hand Tied Bouquet using the Gala® Bouquet Holder, Design Master Paint, a PVC Pipe and bit of Creativity. With the Popularity of Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets… J creates an innovative solution that delivers a Water Source to your Wedding Bouquet while looking like a hand tied bouquet!

How to create a European Bundle Arrangement with Perserved Flowers!

J Creates a French Inspired Botanical Bouquet from Preserved Flowers. Fresh Botanical Flowers and Foliages Preserved by Verdissimo…are bundled and J teaches you the step by step process for creating a French Inspired Preserved Flower Bouquet…from the Experts in Preserved Flowers: Verdissimo!

How to create a Flower Filled Bird Nest Christmas Tree Decoration!

J shares the legend of the Bird Nest… showing you how to create a Bird Nest with Preserved Roses for your Christmas Tree. This Bird Nest Ornament is sure to help bring You Happiness, Good Fortune and Wealth in the coming year!

How to create an Authentic Florentine Finish on a Permanent Fruit Centerpiece

J creates an Old World Florentine Finish on a Fruit Filled Epergne’ using different Types of Paint from Design Master. J techniques are easy to follow and the results are Fabulous! Great Paint and Finish techniques that give professional results are shown step by step.

How to Create a Dried Flower Bundle Basket!

Go on the Road with J to MICHAEL’S Wholesale Florist in Denver Colorado. J creates a unique Dutch Inspired Dried Flower Bundle Basket. This arrangement is easy to create with the simple secrets and fast techniques J shares for creating this autumn masterpiece!

How to Create a Chocolate Brown Colored Arrangement!

Who wants Chocolate?! J creates a Fashionable Centerpiece using everything Chocolate…Chocolate COLOR that is… Roses, Wire, Ribbon, Preserved Foliages and Festive Ornaments…a special treat for Chocolate Lovers Everywhere! J’s simple easy to follow steps can be used with any color you choose.

How to make a Fresh Flower Multi-stemmed Topiary Tree!

J combines a multitude of techniques from past JTV shows to create a stunning Versailles (multi-stemmed) Style Topiary Centerpiece. Created with Fresh Flowers, ribbon and Floral Foam, this project shows how you can combine tricks and techniques from JTV into any fun flower project! This project can also be created with Permanent Flowers!

How to make a Christmas Wreath out of Recycled Junk!

This Week J goes “GREEN” and creates a Gilded Christmas Holiday Wreath from Recycled materials. J transforms everyday left over items into Glittering holiday ornaments. Using a few creative JTV Tricks with Spray Paint… J helps you create a stunning GOLD Christmas Wreath that will be the envy of the all!

How to make A Fun Flower Turkey Centerpiece!

Let’s Talk Turkey! J creates a special thanksgiving centerpiece that looks just like TOM TURKEY! This fun creative idea will have you gobbling up compliments and give you an opportunity to get the kids involved with creating a centerpiece for the holiday table! A Fun idea for Kids for the Holidays!