How to Arrange Flowers into Armatures!

J makes Armatures easy… showing a simple wire technique and also showcasing the assortment of pre-made armatures from Royal Green in Toronto! These pre-constructed Permanent Botanical Armatures are versatile, creative and easy to use… saving you time so you can be creative and productive! This episode is recommended for the Professional Florist!

How to make 5 Minute Flower Arrangements!

Creative 5 Minute Flower Arrangements are a Breeze using the Arrangement Solution Kits from Greenleaf Wholesale. This week J show a multitude of quick, easy fun solutions for creating many styles of arrangements from ONE Arrangements Solution Kit! These valuable ideas will help you transform a simple grocery store bouquet of flowers into a

How to Make a Flower Topiary, a Reverse Proportion Basket and Flower Sphere Arrangements!

Join J for Mother’s Day Brunch and watch with amazement as he quickly and easily creates several beautiful bouquets for Mothers’day… it’s a BREEZE! Using the Arrangement Solution Kits from Greenleaf! This professional Flower Arrangement KIT is a must for the Professional Florist and helps reduce labor cost and shrink. See ASK from Greenleaf