Mask flower- BOO!

Mother Nature’s Halloween Flower!

Even Mother Nature loves Halloween… and she’s got some pretty fun Halloween Flowers… It’s her way of doing “Trick or Treat”… This “Scary” Flower is the “alonsoa-unilabiata”… or “MASK Flower” aptly named for it’s appearance… It’s pretty fun to have something like this blooming in the garden for Halloween… it’s a full sun flower- and it … Read J’s Complete Post

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Fun Fresh Lemons and Flowers

Lemon Centerpiece Ideas… Pucker up!

When Life gives us Lemons… Let’s Make Lemon Centerpiece… hehehe I created this fun centerpiece using lemons for one of my appearances on Take 5 and Company on WZZM Channel 13 – the ABC Affiliate in Grand Rapids… I used a square Glass Tray (from Accent Decor) and filled it with Orange Deco Beads…from JRM … Read J’s Complete Post

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Youtube views reach 6M for uBloom!

6 Million Views on Youtube- Thank you!

WOW… 6 Million views… and in less than 2 years…  I’m so thankful for the over 40,000 subscribers that love our selection of videos we’ve placed at When we reached the 10 year mark on we decided to start placing our “Oldest” videos on youtube… just to see if people might be interested … Read J’s Complete Post

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Using Color Effectively is an easy way to insure a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

Color is the key to Beautiful flowers!

I’m often asked about the secret to creating a beautiful arrangement of flowers… And honestly… the secret is Color- or more accurately – using color to your advantage. Arranging your Flowers… by Color…will always result in a better looking arrangement. For example… when you use all one color … and mix up the flower types… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Can this be real?

Purple Pampas Grass- Only time will tell!

I saw this advertisement on Facebook… it was for this exclusive seed selection of pampas grass that has a purple coloration! Now… I’ve spent money in lots of crazy ways… and this was just $10 dollars… so I sent away for this special offer… I’ve received the seeds… now comes the hard part… I’ll need … Read J’s Complete Post

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Arrange flowers into a fresh pepper for perfectly organic centerpiece!

Posies in Peppers- Perfect!

Looking for an EASY (and Organic)…container for your flowers? Don’t discount the garden… it’s Pepper Season here in Michigan… they are all over the farmer’s market… Nice BIG Fat Juicy ones… and they come in a wide variety of colors too… My mentor and friend Haskell Eargle was the first designer to inspire me to … Read J’s Complete Post

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