Straighten your Tulips

Straight Tulips- NO Problem!

  Tulips Grow Toward the LIGHT… Even when being Stored DRY…. When Storing your Tulips in the Cooler… Unpack them from the Box… and Place in an Empty BUCKET… Magically… the Stems will remain STRAIGHT… if you leave them in the box… or lay on a shelf… the heads will turn Up toward the light… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Float Soak for Better Saturation!

TIP- Float Soak your Flower Foam!

  Here’s a Great Flower arranging tip… for soaking the flower foam… Always Float Soak your Flower Foam… Allowing the Flower Foam to float freely…in a deep container of flower nutrient water will allow the water to be pulled into the foam naturally… and prevent any air pockets from forming inside the foam brick… NEVER … Read J’s Complete Post

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My Grandpa Carnation Joe Green would have celebrated his 116 birthday today!

Happy Birthday Carnation Joe Green!

One of my Favorite Photos of Carnation Joe and his Lily! In 1900… Thanksgiving Day fell on November 29! On that day in history… my great grandmother gave birth to her second son… Joseph Nathaniel Green… He was born in the house I grew up in… in the back bedroom… (Today that room is the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Mist your Tree with Chrysal Glory!

Fresher Tree- Longer – with Chrysal Glory!

  It’s important to keep your FRESH Christmas Tree – looking fresh and help it to retain it’s moisture through the holiday! Everyone want’s a FRESHER TREE… A Fresh Tree is a happy tree… and here’s the SECRET (PLUS it’s easy!) … Coating your Fresh Christmas Tree with Chrysal Professional Glory… is just that easy… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Flower Food makes Christmas Trees Last longer

Longer Lasting Christmas Trees- SECRET!

photo courtesy of Garden of Eaden It’s time to decorate the Tree… and you want your “PERFECT” Christmas Tree to last as long as possible.. There’s lots of ‘old wives tales’ about how to make your tree last longer… and here’s a great reminder… Christmas Trees are Like BIG FLOWERS… they have a vascular system … Read J’s Complete Post

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No more sticky fingers.. after decorating... apply Chrysal Leaf Shine to remove sap!

Sticky Pine Sap? – No Problem!

Photo courtesy of Poppy Swap… It’s Time for Christmas Decorating and that means Pine Boughs, Garlands, Wreaths and of course Christmas Trees… I love the smell of fresh pine throughout the house for the holidays… But one of the biggest challenges with Pine … is the sap… It’s Sticky… and it can get all over … Read J’s Complete Post

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