No more sticky fingers.. after decorating... apply Chrysal Leaf Shine to remove sap!

Sticky Pine Sap? – No Problem!

Photo courtesy of Poppy Swap… It’s Time for Christmas Decorating and that means Pine Boughs, Garlands, Wreaths and of course Christmas Trees… I love the smell of fresh pine throughout the house for the holidays… But one of the biggest challenges with Pine … is the sap… It’s Sticky… and it can get all over … Read J’s Complete Post

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Underwater Mechanics

Curly Willow- Underwater Mechanics!

With today’s trends… flower arrangers are seeking Natural mechanics… And on another hand… large vases can be challenging to arrange in… With the popularity of clear glass… flower foam may not be option… nor have a ball of chicken wire staring the guests in the face… Enter the Japanese Technique of “Hana-Kubari”… the art of … Read J’s Complete Post

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Shift Natures Colors- with Design Master

Change the Color of Flowers- Naturally!

“Naturally” change the Colors of Flowers… I use that term in reference to the color applications of one of my favorite flower enhancements… With Design Master JUST for FLOWERS®… (and New TintIT®… ) you can overlay color- on flowers… giving them a natural appearance… so they don’t come off looking color enhanced… Just for Flowers® … Read J’s Complete Post

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Mel Schwanke featured in Book!

Forever Heros- Featuring my Dad!

I recently visited my Folks in Nebraska… during my semi Annual Trip to Campbell’s Nursery for their Holiday Seminars… We went out to lunch with Mom and Dad… (Everyone always asks about them)… They are doing very well… both are in good help and still independent… Dad is 91 and Mom is 86… they still … Read J’s Complete Post

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Poppy Postage Art

Happy Birthday Georgia O’keeffe

Happy Birthday to painter Georgia O’Keeffe born today-  November 15 1887. “If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.” – Georgia O’keeffe O’Keeffe was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. Known best in the flower world for her bold interpretations … Read J’s Complete Post

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Powerful Flowers

Flower Power- More than Ever!

It’s been an interesting week to say the least… and Thank Goodness I’m in the Flower Business! That line… kept playing on repeat… as this week progressed… I was in Nebraska this week… doing my 18th Annual Holiday Seminars for Campbell’s Nursery…and I got the chance to see my Parents (the Famous Matching Couple)… This … Read J’s Complete Post

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