Better Hydrangeas- from GroFlowers

Amazing Hydrangeas from GroFlowers! WOW!

I had the delightful opportunity to meet Jaime Ruiz during my visit to Bogota Colombia a year ago for the ProFlora flower show. We got to see his wide variety of hydrangeas up close and personal in Bogota. This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I got the chance to work with them… and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Day of the Dead- Rose!

Day of Dead- Flowers!

This authentic dried rose is a fitting tribute to The Day of the Dead… Dia de los Muertos begins on November 1 and ends on November 2… this holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico… and throughout the world.. It’s celebrated with Skulls… so the Natural “Skull Rose” is quite appropriate… but what is also interesting is … Read J’s Complete Post

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My Grandpa used to keep alligators in the greenhouse when I was a kid!

Alligators in the Greenhouse- TRUE Story!

It was amazing growing up in a 4th Generation Family Flower Business…. not only did we have a flower shop but we acres of greenhouses… and they were pretty cool. These were not greenhouses like you see today… they were shorter because they were built into the ground to advantage the warmth of the earth … Read J’s Complete Post

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FARE Teal Pumpkins-

Teal Pumpkins Tonight!

I was on “My West Michigan” with my Flower Pal Jennifer Pasqua… showing how to decorate a pumpkin with Fresh Flowers for Halloween…  Click on the Picture above to see the VIDEO! and we also talked about how you can participate in the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Teal Pumpkin Project… Here’s more information … Read J’s Complete Post

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Mask flower- BOO!

Mother Nature’s Halloween Flower!

Even Mother Nature loves Halloween… and she’s got some pretty fun Halloween Flowers… It’s her way of doing “Trick or Treat”… This “Scary” Flower is the “alonsoa-unilabiata”… or “MASK Flower” aptly named for it’s appearance… It’s pretty fun to have something like this blooming in the garden for Halloween… it’s a full sun flower- and it … Read J’s Complete Post

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Fun Fresh Lemons and Flowers

Lemon Centerpiece Ideas… Pucker up!

When Life gives us Lemons… Let’s Make Lemon Centerpiece… hehehe I created this fun centerpiece using lemons for one of my appearances on Take 5 and Company on WZZM Channel 13 – the ABC Affiliate in Grand Rapids… I used a square Glass Tray (from Accent Decor) and filled it with Orange Deco Beads…from JRM … Read J’s Complete Post

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