J creates a Rose Spritzer with Rose Infused vodka!

Rose Vodka Spritzer- #flowercocktailhour – Recipe

Rose Vodka Spritzer- Recipe Start your #FlowerCocktailHour with this Rose Vodka Spritzer… Here’s how to create Rose Infused Vodka: Place One Liter of Organic Potato Vodka into a large closed glass decanter with a wide mouth. Add the petals only from 5-6 Blooms from Fragrant *Organic Garden Roses- Be sure that any roses used in … Read J’s Complete Post

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The act of giving, receiving (or arranging) Flowers provides positive health benefits!

Flowers make you Feel- TERRIFIC!!!

I saw this sign posted at Pat Catan’s … when I visited their offices… it’s a saying that many of have seen time and time again… But it’s so true… Especially with all the negative news we’re being bombarded with at every turn… I think too many times we neglect to remember that everyone has … Read J’s Complete Post

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DIY Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkin Pizzazz!!!

It’s the Perfect time to do some holiday decorating with Pumpkins… After all… Halloween is fast approaching Christmas as the Number 1 decorating holiday! With all different kinds of decorations… you can really get crafty with Pumpkins… I like Glittery Pumpkins… and they Super EASY to make… with Design Master GLUE for Glitter… Plus I … Read J’s Complete Post

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Use the gala bouquet holder to create a flower filled baby rattle to welcome the NEW Baby!

Gala Baby Rattle- Idea!!

Here’s another fun idea… for using Gala Bouquet holders… I know that I created them to be the BEST Wedding Bouquet holder… but they can also be a fun way to celebrate a NEW Arrival! Yep… Baby RattleBouquets… created from the Gala Bouquet Holder… The Shape of the Gala Bouquet Holder is unique… and many … Read J’s Complete Post

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Don't you love the ability to color on a table... I will choose flowers every time!

Coloring Contest- With Flowers? Of Course!!!

An Inviting Collections of Crayons… A White Paper Table cover…. I love restaurants that offer that creative setting… And today Coloring has become a form of relaxation… with color book offerings at many booksellers… (I notice that so many titles involve flowers)… I love to color… there’s something about the ability for color choices… I … Read J’s Complete Post

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Mother Nature's Sigh- after Summer!

Fall has arrived…. SIGH!!!!

Fall has arrived…. you can “smell” it in the air….but you can also see it in the trees… I’m often asked… why I live in Michigan… and Fall is perhaps the Number 1 reason! When I used to visit Grand Rapids… and work on the John Henry Book projects … it typically fell at the … Read J’s Complete Post

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