My sister creates the best terrariums- miniature worlds with stairs, multi-levels and plants!

Terrariums- Shrink yourself down!

I’ve always loved Terrariums…from the time I was a little kid and we sold them in our store… I would love watching my sister make them… My sister Cindy… makes the best terrariums… we have a video on uBloom where I visited her and she shares some her secrets… Watch Cindy make Terrariums in this … Read J’s Complete Post

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Dragon Float Wins Corso Zundert!

Dahlia Days- At Corso Zundert!

The Annual Corso Zundert… an iconic parade in the Netherlands featuring the main export of the country: Flowers! Over 20 teams compete to create extravagant floats created of Flowers – Mostly Dahlias! Since Dahlias need to bloom… and the tubors are then dug and sold following the blooms… this tradition evolved from the ‘deadheading’ of … Read J’s Complete Post

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2012 Dior Event uses 1M Flowers!

A Million Flowers- Haute Couture -HOW TO Video!

A Million Flowers….Literally…were used to create the backdrop for this Haute Couture event for Dior in 2012… (Notice the gentleman’s shoes that match this room… in the photo- NICE!) The flowers were used to decorate the venue event… and picture is the Blue Delphinium room… just one of many for this Color Blocked Haute Couture … Read J’s Complete Post

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Mother Nature- Calling Birds to Pollinate

Protea emulate Birds- to encourage Pollination!

Protea have always been one of my favorite flowers- and that was only amplified when I had the chance to visit Diana Roy and Mel Resendiz at the Resendiz Brothers Flower Farm in Rainbow CA… Seeing all the different varieties of protea… and experiencing Mel’s passion for Protea first hand… is exhilarating… I’ve learned so … Read J’s Complete Post

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What Flower belongs in a cage?

Flower Riddles… from 1955!

My Sister sent me a Bound Volume of “Living with Flowers” magazines from 1955… (a little background) It was a publication that started with Tommy Bright as the editor and was created by the John Henry Company… The Idea behind “living with flowers”… was as a collateral publication that was distributed by the Florist (and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Dangerous Pleasure

Tuberose= “Dangerous Pleasure”

According to the Victorian Language of Flowers… “Tuberoses”… according to 18th century lore…. Mean: Dangerous Pleasures Polianthes Tuberosa – from the latin.. Meaning- “many flowers from a swollen root”… pretty accurate… The fragrance of the Tuberose is intoxicating… Did you know that it’s virtually impossible to open Tuberose in a vase… you need to let … Read J’s Complete Post

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