Flower Dogs- Crowning Achievement!

Trend Watch- Dogs IN the Wedding!

Trend Watch: Pet Loving Fashion Conscious Brides are including their dogs in the Wedding… I know this has been going for quite a while… I recall posting about it back in 2012… maybe even before… but the trend keeps continuing… In fact… it makes national news… Baltimore Ravens Center- Jeremy Zuttah- would not get married … Read J’s Complete Post

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Romantic Flowers- yes Please!

Golden Flowers -Romantic blooms on uBloom!

  I’m so pleased to announce our NEW partnership with Golden Flowers- and the premiere of their video dedicated to roses is on Monday October 3, 2016. Golden Flowers isn’t new to uBloom… in fact they were one of the original sponsors that helped us launch JTV… and they became famous for their Arrangement Solution … Read J’s Complete Post

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Stunt their growth with Gin

Pass the Gin… It’s for the paperwhites… REALLY!!!!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living… I love a good cocktail… and as you may know… we have a tradition called “Flower Cocktail Hour”- where we gather each day at 5pm… I make a flower arrangement…to decorate our venue… and then Kelly and I have a cocktail and discuss the high points of the day… It’s … Read J’s Complete Post

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Choose Clematis for your Wedding!

Clematis- as a Cut Flower? Yes Please!

  Clematis as a Cut Flower? Who would ever think this rather delicate (seeming) flower would be a hardy cut flower… I saw Clematis used the first time in a stage presentation by Sets Umeda AIFD during a symposium in San Francisco… I was amazed by the beauty of this long stemmed flower… curling it’s … Read J’s Complete Post

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Great Sign- When you're Green you Grow... when you get Ripe you get rotten!

Stay “Green” my friend… Stay “Green”…

As you may know… I’m rather fascinated by Antiques… perhaps antiques are not quite the right term… “Vintage memorabilia” is a better word… I love going to Antique Stores, Curiosity Shops, Antique fairs, that sort of thing… and typically I’m looking for “Flower Related” things… Imagine that! hehehe I have special haunts that provide (sometimes) … Read J’s Complete Post

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"Tween" Colored Roses-

“Tween Color” roses- blur the lines of Color!

The colors of roses has changed… We used to search for bright colors, or the Perfect Red Rose… but Flower Trends have blurred the lines of color… It all started with an amazing rose called “Amnesia” pictured here from Esprit Miami…. These unique muted colors coined an interesting phrase… “Tween Color” – from my friend … Read J’s Complete Post

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