Wedding Surveys indicate an increase in Flower Spending... but is it enough?

To Have … and to Spend! Wedding Flowers…

I ran across this Grand Rapids Press article…published back in 2011… it talked about how the cost of weddings was at the highest point it had been since 2008… three years earlier… It was based on the information from this survey and information Featured in and Wedding channels 2011 Survey… The National Average for … Read J’s Complete Post

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created by Laura Eubanks for Wisteria... these are the perfect centerpiece for Fall

Pumpkin Succulent Gardens- Brilliant!

photo courtesy of Wisteria Flower Corner… Pumpkins by Laura Eubanks These incredible unique pumpkin varieties – rife with Texture and great fall colors… are filled to the brim with Succulents… Flower Artist Laura Eubanks created these wonderful “Mashups”… for the Fall Season… Pumpkins and Succulents…together… What a Great idea… You carve out the pumpkin… and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Giant Celosia- or "Brain Fern"

Giant Celosia- Attack of the Brain Fern!

  It’s that time of the year… I wait for it… as summer nears it’s end and the days are really hot… It’s the Annual ATTACK of the BRAIN FERN… hahaha! Giant Celosia arrives at the farmer’s market… we have a farm that specializes in Giant Celosia… (my local flower seller used to call it … Read J’s Complete Post

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Add hosta leaves to your Arrangement

Hosta Leaves- perfect for arranging!

I have a great variety of Hosta Leaves throughout my landscaping… There are Green ones, both LIME and Dark… and unique variegated varieties- even some that are blue… and I’m planting a “GHOST” Hosta that claims to be all white…(needs lots of shade). The reason I love Hostas… is their easy care, and the leaves … Read J’s Complete Post

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Do Flowers dream of being arranged?

Do you dream of arranging flowers?

As Flower Artists… sometimes our passion can enter our dreams! I hope you’re aware of Dr. Haviland Jones studies about the positive effects of flowers… Learn more about those studies here! Flowers have a positive effect on us … and even more enlightening is the fact that our bodies actually secrete an endorphin that lowers … Read J’s Complete Post

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Calena Major Orchids

Flying Duck Orchids- Oh My!

Mother Nature is so incredible… and this also proves that she has an incredible sense of humor… May I present the “Flying Duck Orchids”… or Calena Major These orchids are Native of the Philippines… The Flying Duck Orchids are ‘carnivorous’… meaning they attract bugs that fall into the inner chamber of the orchid to be … Read J’s Complete Post

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