Cold Water Processing

Cold water convert- ICE ICE BABY!

I’m a COLD Water Processing Convert…I know… you’re probably used to using warm water for flowers— or thing that’s the ONLY Way! I was raised in the Flower Biz… and it took me by Surprise too… But Cold Water is Better than Hot or Warm for your Flowers! And the colder the water the better… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Flowers to the Rescue!

Field dress a wound with Flowers!

  This clever Info-graphic – shows how you can use wildflowers to create a Field dressing or bandage when out of doors… We’ve always know that flowers can save the day… for emotional reasons… But now here’s proof that flowers can provide emergency medical attention as well… and even be used to: Stop Bleeding Relieve … Read J’s Complete Post

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Weave a Palm Leaf

Weave a Palm Leaf into a Nautilus Shell…

Would you like to learn how to make this…. It’s a Palm Leaf (*actually TeePee Foliage – a type of Palm)… that I braided into a “nautilus shell” type shape… It’s Easy… and surprising similar to making a French Braid… Only with a Palm Leaf….. Even my Take 5 Friend Stephanie got into it…. Stephanie … Read J’s Complete Post

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Oldest Living thing on Earth

The oldest living “Thing” on earth.. and it Flowers!

Presumed to be the the Oldest Living “thing” on earth… The Creosote Bush (larrea divaricata) -found in the Mojave Desert is estimated to have grown from a seed nearly 12,000 years ago… (that’s the actual bush in the photo) I find it very interesting that the oldest living “thing” on earth is a plant.. and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Garden party wedding

Flower Power Wedding- 70s Throwback!

One of the Very First Weddings I helped create flowers for… was for my Cousin Richard… and his wife Nancy…they got married in her parents garden… and their dog was an attendant at the wedding… he had a collar of flowers… that don’t seem to be visible in this picture… I also remember him digging … Read J’s Complete Post

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Ahi Tuna Roses- Delightful!

Flower Inspiration- on the Menu Tonight!

When you start to take notice of flowers- you begin to see them turning up in unexpected places… I always look for flowers- in fabric patterns, on signs, in advertising… and Flowers Never Disappoint…  they pop up everywhere! Sometimes Flower Inspiration shows up in the oddest places… On of Kelly and My favorite restaurants is … Read J’s Complete Post

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