Disappearing Glue Webs!

Disappearing “Glue Webs”- Trick!

You’ve had this experience… you’re creating a fun flower project with a hot glue gun or glue pan… you’re busy creating and just working away…. You love the way the projects going… you’re getting close to completion and notice… all those little tiny glue webs… throughout your project… and worst of all.. it’s NOT a … Read J’s Complete Post

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The benefits of lemon juice are numerous... and helpful around the garden!

Pucker up- Lemon Juice Benefits!

I created this arrangement using fresh lemons… here’s a link to the video that shows how to create this (ACTUALLY – Very EASY) Impressive arrangement with Lemons, Roses, and Delphinium … The Video get’s people excited…it’s been viewed over 23k times… WOW… The reason I reference the arrangement is because it includes Lemons…and I love … Read J’s Complete Post

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Fairy Ring or Mushroom Spores

Fairy Rings- Mushrooms Spores or Dancing???

Everyone is LOVING Fairy Gardens… My earliest introduction to Fairy Gardens was the “Fairy rings” … my Grandpa Carnation Joe brought to my attention… in the yard or garden… And I’m seeing them all over the place here in Michigan… We had an incredibly wet spring, and summer so the “mushroom” (or “Toad stool” ) … Read J’s Complete Post

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Clean Narrow Neck Vases

Clean difficult vases- Minty Clean!

  I’m a freak when it comes to clean vases… not that I’m super anal retentive (although I’ve been accused)… but I do like a clean vase (and buckets) for my Flowers… Vases that have stains- contain bacteria that will shorten the life of my flowers… and hard water stains are unsightly… and detract from … Read J’s Complete Post

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Flower Power- Lavender

Look to the Flowers- Lavender Benefits!

Perhaps we look too far when seeking for solutions… We’re looking for the FAST Way to Lose Weight… Looking for a prescription or pill to cure our ills…. Looking for an immediate way to reduce the stress in our lives… Perhaps the solution has been right there… under our noses (if you’ll pardon the pun)… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Roses love Bananas?

Bananas and Roses- What’s the connection???

  Bananas and Roses…. What could possibly be the connection between this tropical fruit and the fragrant roses in your garden? Here’s a helpful gardening tip…  Save those Banana Skins! Many of us eat a banana everyday to increase our potassium… and we’re tossing the peel… or putting it in compost (I Hope)… but here’s … Read J’s Complete Post

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