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What shall we do today??? – Arrange Flowers!!!

Life is hectic… and we purposefully look for things that can enchant and engage us… while taking our minds off the stress we encounter every day… People look for things they can do together… or better yet- things that make them feel better quicker… We all would love to do something that would relax us… … Read J’s Complete Post

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Suffer from Contact Dermatitis

Derma Plus- Solution for Contact Dermatitis!

I’ve worked with flowers my entire life…and one of my Favorite Flowers is Alstroemeria… I Love the interesting colors and there are even new varieties that have different shapes… it’s so long lasting… I’m also very lucky that I don’t suffer from Contact Dermatitis from Alstro… Like Some folks do… It can be a challenge … Read J’s Complete Post

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Tips for Good Orchids!

Bright Light- Better Orchids- Expert advice!

I Love orchids… but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned some tricks about how to grow CARE FREE Orchids… here’s one- Light is one of the 4 Important Factors for Orchid Plants… Orchids love Bright Indirect LIGHT…  so a bright room… but remember NOT in DIRECT Sunlight… You can even move … Read J’s Complete Post

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Decadent Dahlias...Tips!

Delightful- Decadent Dahlias! Expert tips!

I love Dinner Plate Dahlias… they are Delightful… And they are Showing up at Local Farmer’s Markets…it’s Dahlia Season… We visited the Hamilton Dahlia Farm in Hamilton Michigan… a few years ago… it was fun to see this Historic Dahlia Farm in operation. Watch the video here… Hamilton Dahlia Farm! Dahlias are Associated with the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Sticky Buckets- Unstick 'em!

Trick for Stuck Flower Buckets!

I’m a Freak about my flower buckets… it’s no secret that I have a team that keeps the buckets clean… and I need flower buckets all the time… Nothing is more frustrating than having dirty buckets… So I use Chrysal Professional Bucket Cleaner and we go through lots of toilet brushes- one of my favorite … Read J’s Complete Post

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Change the Color of Anything

Tips for Design Master Painting…

It’s no secret- I love my Design Master Paint… there’s so many to choose from… I love the Color Tools… for changing and creating interesting finishes… And Design Master Just for Flowers- is an excellent way to color shift fresh flowers- “Just for Flowers” is gentle enough to use on any blooms… Modern Metals… are … Read J’s Complete Post

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