Layer Deco Beads in Colors

Make your own Rainbow- With Deco Beads!

Everybody loves a rainbow… and here’s a fun little project… and you don’t have to wait for the rain to start or stop! Deco Beads are a great water bead product that produce an exciting result… especially when you layer different colors and add a bit of light… It’s FUN to Layer the Colors of … Read J’s Complete Post

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Measure, Chill- Add Flowers

Cold Water for Your Flowers- PLEASE!

I know that typically people think Warm Water – when it comes to putting their flowers in water… but scientific proof proves just the opposite… Cold Water Processing… Helps Increase Flower Life… Chilling your Water before Processing flowers… Or using Ice… to cool the Water… means Fresher… Longer Lasting Flowers… Here’s a simple trick… mix … Read J’s Complete Post

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Giant Teddy Bear Sunflowers.

Sunflowers- Big Giant SunFlowers!!!!

How about a BIG Bouquet of Sunflowers for the Table ??? … these farmer’s market Sunflowers are incredibly large! I love Sunflowers… They Just Say “SUNSHINE” and “SUMMER” My Favorite trick… to make them LAST (over 2 weeks)… Is to use Chrysal’s CVBn Tablets in the Water… WORKS like a dream… (I’ve had ‘em last … Read J’s Complete Post

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Skin the Calla Lily...

Skin your Calla Lilies – Bubble Bowl Project!

Calla Lilies have really stable stems… and I love to share this project- where you skin the Callas-using your Knife to remove the “SKIN” on one side of the stem of a Mini Calla Lily… then you can weave them around the inside of a bubble bowl… it’s a Fun trick and makes you look … Read J’s Complete Post

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Put Flowers on the Menu

When Invited- Always bring Flowers!

You know the Europeans joke about Americans… They frequently tell me that when you invite Americans to your home they “always bring wine and help you drink half of it”… That can kinda be true… however I always be sure that when I’m invited I bring flowers- Hand Tied Bouquets are the BEST Hostess Present…and … Read J’s Complete Post

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Former Olympic Venues Crumble

NO Flowers for Medalists? Rio #OlympicFail

Ok… It’s time for my Rant… about the Omission of Flowers for the Medalists at Rio… Here’s the article that was posted with the Official Olympic Reply… Claiming Sustainability as the scapegoat… With Certification processes… Like FlorVerde or Rainforest Alliance… the flowers can certainly be grown with sustainable conscious… and also they can provide … Read J’s Complete Post

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