TurnTable for Flowers- Where can I get one?

here’s a link to See the  TurnTable on the Fun with Flowers and J Set in action! QUESTION: Hello J Schwanke, My sister is a big fan of you and LOVES your videos and your job..She has a flower store in Hungary and I was thinking to surprise her with one of those spinning board you use … Read J’s Complete Post

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Customized Flower Food- YES PLEASE!!!

Chrysal just announced their NEW Customized Flower Food Sachets… I couldn’t wait to get my uBloom Flower Food Packets… I got the 10 Gram… that’s my Favorite size… as it makes a full liter of Flower Food… Flower Buyers LOVE Flower Food… they are dedicated to making their investment last! Everyone Loves flowers and they … Read J’s Complete Post

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Measure, Chill- Add Flowers

Ideal Water Temperature for Flowers?

QUESTION: What water temperature is best for my cut flowers- I’ve always heard warm water is best… but NOW people are a saying Cold? What’s your expert opinion J? ANSWER: This is one of the most popular questions at both my Live Events and on line…  For years we were told that Bathtub warm water was … Read J’s Complete Post

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Fabulous Foliage Bouquets- and more!!

QUESTION: How can I order the ASK Bouquets (Arrangement Solution Kits)  I have tried to find them on your website and I am not finding a distributor listing for the ASK Bouquets? ANSWER: Because we have archived over 12 years of videos on uBloom… many times we get questions about products that are no longer … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Create Concealed Water Supplies for your Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets!

Best Care for Hydrangeas?

  Question: Do you have any recommendations for keeping hydrangeas in hand tied wedding bouquets fresh all day?  We haven’t had any problems in the past but we want to be sure that we’re doing our best for our customers! Thank you!!! Answer: I’ve show how to apply ARRIVE ALIVE to a wedding bouquet several … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to Arrange Flowers_Stemmed Gardenias!

Best Practices – Gardenias in a Box?

Question: Hello, I just received the gardenias I ordered for a wedding this weekend. They are packaged 3 to a box. I want to make sure I am treating them properly. I left them in the box and put them I. The cooler. Should I have a water source with them? The stems are short … Read J’s Complete Post

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