Leaf Rose Hot-To Steps

Leaf Rose- How to Steps!

Creating an Autumn Leaf Rose is easy to do… and I’ve seen alot of pictures of these great fall “flower” accents… so I decided to sit down and make one… and also add a step by step process so it would be easy for anyone to create these Neat Autumn Leaf Roses! Here’s the Steps … Read J’s Complete Post

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Fall Colors- Pure Michigan!

What’s your Favorite Autumn Color?

Michigan is busting out the Autumn Colors… I snapped these pictures while I was taking “L” for a walk today… (“L” is our black and tan cocker spaniel… short for “Eleanor”… she likes it better… hehehe)… The Autumn Color Palette isn’t just limited to Orange, Yellow and Brown… there’s so many interesting variations… Deep Pinks, … Read J’s Complete Post

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uBloom 3.0 is just around the corner…

We’ve been busy at uBloom… updating the website… creating a whole new look… that’s easier to navigate, and simply makes it easier for you to Watch your Favorite How to Arrange Videos… uBloom 3.0 is Cleaner, Simpler and Super user-friendly… here’s a few things that we’re working on… We’re Re-designing and Highlighting our Wildly Popular … Read J’s Complete Post

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Analyze and Apply Trends with Help from J!

REVOLUTIONARY New Concept in Trend Synthesis!

  Floral Professionals know that flower design closely follows the trends popular in the fashion industry…and that flower arrangements mimic these trends in floral materials, containers, style and color.  But, with the extremely fluid nature of trends…the constant changing, emerging, shifting and sometimes conflicting information coming from many global sources…it’s can be quite a challenge for floral … Read J’s Complete Post

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Amnesia Roses One of my Faves

‘tween Colors!

It’s that Color that lies BETWEEN the other colors… that’s a TWEEN Color… it’s not quite PINK…it’s Not Quite Peach… it’s somewhere in between. We can use these colors to our Advantage… but using them in combination with our Primary Theme Colors to cause Interest, Excitement or Drama. A Bouquet of All one Color is … Read J’s Complete Post

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My Must Follow Designers- Global Petals Inteview with J!

I was recently invited to do an interview with Michael Lyons from Global Petals… I love a good interview and Michael and Parth are tearing up the Internet with their ‘must read’ blog posts… they recently created a pretty darned big sensation… when they posted their List of most Influential Flower Designers…  People had a … Read J’s Complete Post

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