100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass Vases!

100% Post Consumer Recycled Vases- G3 Delivers!

Eco-Green Trends are Super HOT… I’m always looking for Functional Recycled Glass…and if the glass is 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass.. that’s a BONUS! These darling vases are 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass… and brought to us by David Garcia… and the folks at Garcia Group… they look big in the photo but they are … Read J’s Complete Post

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Secret Recipe for Perfect Stephanotis!

Perfect Stephanotis- Every time- SECRET!

The LINE in the PHOTO is the EDGE of the GLASS Container… NOT the WATER LEVEL…!!! I get a great deal of requests for my “Perfect Stephanotis Secret”… I have to admit… it’s not my secret.. it’s something my my sister Cindy, taught me long ago… here’s the (MUCH REQUESTED) trick… For PERFECT Stephanotis every … Read J’s Complete Post

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Unexpected flower Vase- Blender

Recycling – Kitchen Appliances as Flower Vases!

I just Love this Idea for Reusing and Recycling a Broken Down Blender… as a flower vase… it’s fun! Or maybe just a fresh way to use your Existing Blender… I rarely use my blender… but I like the idea of using it as vase on the table… it’s contemporary and sooooo Unexpected! Do you … Read J’s Complete Post

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CVBn Tablets- Ideal for Zinnias

Zinnia Secret- CVBn Tablet from Chrysal!

I Love Zinnias… and it’s Zinnia Season… They’re colorful, and multitudes of them in a vase… are just plain HAPPY Summer Fun… One of the issues with Zinnias are the Fuzzy Stems… ( in the Flower world we call them DIRTY STEM Flowers…). Those fuzzy stems when stuck in water with flower food… are the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Clematis is a hardy Cut flower!

Fresh Cut Clematis- here’s the Tricks!

This arrangement was created with Roseville Farms Cut Clematis… I simply dropped the stems down inside a huge Accent Decor Cylinder… We featured this on a Fun with Flowers and J Show… that is all about Clematis and how to care for it… .. You can view the PREVIEW here : Watch the Prevew all … Read J’s Complete Post

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Recycled watering ide

Recycled Wine Bottle- Irrigation!

Going away for the weekend… or maybe you’ve got a vacation coming up??? Recycle your Wine Bottles… into an Automatic Watering System…. what a great way to re-purpose beautiful glass wine bottles… We love decorating our outdoor living spaces with container gardens, and when it’s time to be away you need to water… This is … Read J’s Complete Post

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