Glittered Brassica from Sun Valley on this week's Fun with Flowers and J Show!

Have your arrangements “gone Cabbage”???

I’ve always loved Ornamental Kale… since I was a little kid… and my Dad and Grandpa would plant it in the field next to the greenhouse… (where we grew Glads, Delphinium, Babies Breath and Zinnias)… I loved the way as the Nights got shorter and the air got cooler the colors would intensify… and before … Read J’s Complete Post

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Wedding Bouquet create by Manal Mohammad, Club uBloom Member from Cairo Egypt

A Story of a Wedding Bouquet.

A Story of a Wedding Bouquet! Guest Blog by Manal Mohammad Club uBloom Member from Cairo, Egypt It’s quite another  to make someone happy , because of your floral experience! One day , one of my relatives  asked me “ Aunt , would you please make me my bridal bouquet ?” Until this moment ,I … Read J’s Complete Post

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112-uBloom Christmas-Floral

Save TIME and MONEY… this Holiday Season!

It’s Never too Early to talk about Saving TIME and MONEY!… and this week on FUN with Flowers and J… I share a Secret that can save you hundreds of $$$$ in the Months to come! That’s Right… LABOR is the Most Expensive LINE Item in any Professional Flower Shop… and at Christmas Time… we … Read J’s Complete Post

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Decadence on a Stem… ROSE LILY… Hot Flower Trend!

Decadence on a Stem uBloom Guest Blog By Lily Sunvalley! The Rose Lily – Decadence on a Stem In an industry as vast as floriculture, it is rare when a certain flower really shakes things up. It started about three years ago; the Rose Lily sprang onto the flower scene as the new upstart in … Read J’s Complete Post

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Simple to use... and EASY to Find Products you LOVE at nearby Wholesale Florists!

“FIND PRODUCTS” with the NEW uBloom Resource Guide!

I’m Thrilled to announce our NEW uBloom Professional Resource Guide! (Premiering on uBloom September 4, 2013) You’ll see a NEW Feature on EVERY Page of uBloom… a Big PURPLE “Find Products” Button… that will take you to the NEW Guide. This Guide was developed to make it Simple and Easy to find the products you … Read J’s Complete Post

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The Last Carnation Grower in the USA... Isamu and Ben Akiyama at Akiyama Nursery in Watsonville CA.

Endangered Species – USA Grown Carnation!

Endangered Species: The Last American Carnation Grower Written by Robert Kitayama, Kitayama Brothers, Watsonville CA. Last week I visited Akiyama Nursery in Watsonville and talked to Isamu and Ben Akiyama, the last carnation grower in Watsonville and possibly America. Isamu has been growing carnations since 1978 after moving here from Japan. Kitayama Brothers (KB) is … Read J’s Complete Post

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