TerraGlas Containers are perfect for creating Terrariums!

TerraGlas… Eco-friendly Terrarium Solutions!

Terrariums are Popular… and creating a sustainable eco-system inside a glass container can be tricky… alot depends on the container you choose and how you set up your micro-climate! Having a removable lid for your container that fits securely helps contain the moisture, and create a stable environment for your tropical plants. Sure you can … Read J’s Complete Post

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Me and my beautiful sister Cindy... rolling up our sleeves to dig in the dirt... and create Terrariums!

Terrarium Secret: Don’t forget to Add the LOVE!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I’m making Terrariums with my sister Cindy in Nebraska! Cindy and I worked together in our family store for almost 20 years… she was always in charge of the plants and has an Awe-inspiring “Green Thumb”… I always thought my sister created the coolest terrariums… and throughout … Read J’s Complete Post

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JTV 2011

Flowers should – Arrive Alive!!!

Are you making sure your flowers Arrive Alive? Whether you’re a Professional Florist, or just a Flower buyer… the most valuable way to protect your investment is Arrive Alive! Providing a Hydration Solution and Water Supply for flowers from Bucket to Final Destination is important! Expert Flower Sellers use Arrive Alive to insure their customers … Read J’s Complete Post

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Shelly Monk's Birdnest Bridal Bouquet created at the Flower Market at MD Nursery in Driggs Idaho!

“Birdnest” Bridal Bouquet!

This week’s Guest blog is from Shelley Monk, from the Flower Market at the MD Nursery in Driggs Idaho. Last year at Roses & More in Boise Idaho… you showed me how to make a willow bird nest. (out of twig wire and curly willow) Here are some pictures of the bouquet I created for … Read J’s Complete Post

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"Warty" or Green Pumpkins are popular Heirloom Varieties showing up all across the USA!

Revisit the Pumpkin…

It’s Fall… and my favorite time of year!! And I love Pumpkins… It’s amazing to see the variety of American Grown Heirloom Pumpkins that are flooding the market… So Many different types… “warty” Pumpkins… “Cinderella pumpkins….” Different shades and hues… Greens, Whites, variegated… Pumpkins are so much more than Jack-o-lanterns… gosh when I was a … Read J’s Complete Post

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Homecoming Flowers for Today!

It’s Homecoming weekend in Comstock Park… my hometown (actually part of Grand Rapids MI)… and my niece and her friend are going to the dance tonight… It provides me with a fun opportunity to create a couple of flowers for my (*gorgeous) niece and her friend… and it allows me some creativity as well. We … Read J’s Complete Post

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