Debra and J in the Stock Fields at Ocean View Flowers during the NorCal 2014 Event!

Mash up… “Slow Flowers” and “Fun with Flowers”

This week’s guest blog is a Podcast by my friend Debra Prinzing. Debra is the author of “Slow Flowers” and “the 50 Mile Bouquet”… recently Debra asked me to be a guest on her podcast… and we had a ball… So Grab a cup of coffee… and enjoy as “Slow Flowers” meets “Fun with Flowers … Read J’s Complete Post

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How to arrange flowers- Sympathy Set Pieces and “Simply Sympathy” solutions from Alpha Fern Company

The Solution for Outstanding Sympathy Tributes!

It’s rare that I run across a pre-made flower item… that is Truly Brilliant! And it’s just as rare to have that product exemplify Outstanding Quality, Creativity while still allowing you to Save precious Time and Labor! I love Set Pieces… nothing stands out more at a Celebration of Life ceremony or Tribute! A flower … Read J’s Complete Post

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Cal-Glads American grown Gladiolus "SunKissed" took the Red ribbon in Bulb Flowers at the SAF New Varieties Exhibit

Glad Tidings… Cal-Glads take Red Ribbon at SAF!

This Guest blog is written by Bonnie Hayden, from Cal-Glads in Santa Maria, California. uBloom Host J Schwanke and Bonnie got to know each other during the NorCal Bus Tours, where J was hosting tours… and Bonnie was learning more about her fellow CA Flower Farmers. Bonnie Hayden Cal-Glads, Santa Maria, CA Grown in the … Read J’s Complete Post

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3 Threats Facing the Future of U.S. Flower Farming!

This is a guest post by Kasey Cronquist, CEO/Ambassador for the California Cut Flower Commission. As the CEO/Ambassador of the CCFC, a state agency, Kasey is responsible for representing all of California’s flower farmers through the development of promotion and advocacy efforts. You can receive a free digital copy of California’s Farm & Flower Guide … Read J’s Complete Post

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The uBloom Image Gallery Series Two – 2013

I’m pleased to introduce our 2nd Series of Website Images and Recipes from uBloom! Again… these allow you to break free from wire service images and give you images that you can use on your website to help you sell more flowers profitably! You can watch a preview of the 30 images included in the … Read J’s Complete Post

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Glittered Brassica from Sun Valley on this week's Fun with Flowers and J Show!

Have your arrangements “gone Cabbage”???

I’ve always loved Ornamental Kale… since I was a little kid… and my Dad and Grandpa would plant it in the field next to the greenhouse… (where we grew Glads, Delphinium, Babies Breath and Zinnias)… I loved the way as the Nights got shorter and the air got cooler the colors would intensify… and before … Read J’s Complete Post

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