Aspidistra leaves growing at Ronald Jones Ferneries

A Visit to Ronald Jones Ferneries… “the King of Aspidistra”!

Our Final Stop on the Florida Fresh Tour took us to Ronald Jones Ferneries… and gave us the opportunity to visit with Stacy Jones, his Brother Scott! Ronald Jones is known by many as the “King of Aspidistra”. Also known as the “CAST IRON” Plant… Aspidistra foliage is a very popular foliage and it has … Read J’s Complete Post

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A Visit with Jennifer and Joe… Alpha Fern Company!

This week on the Florida Fresh Tour we visit the Family Foliage Farm of the Stricklands at Alpha Fern Company! I can’t mention this tour stop… without first mentioning Jennifer and Joe Strickland. This Father Daughter Team… well… They’re just so darned charming… and epitomize an American Farm Family! Jennifer and I worked together for … Read J’s Complete Post

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Flowers are meant for sharing… Farewell to Lisa; uBloom Community Gardener!

uBloom is like any Garden… there are certain flowers that are robust and grow tall, like sunflowers… there are others that might grow in clumps along the edge providing a border… Marigolds or Petunias, still others provide fragrant or colorful blossoms that can be picked and added to arrangements or even shared… carried away to … Read J’s Complete Post

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Roseville Farms- Fresh Cut American Grown- Florida Fresh Clematis!!!

American Grown Clematis… Fresh from Florida!

This week on the Florida Fresh Tour… we visit the Amazing Roseville Flower Farm… where they grow the World’s Finest Fresh Cut Clematis! President David Raab, is an Amazing Individual… and he loves Clematis! David’s enterprise not only includes fresh cut clematis but also Liners and Pots of this Beautiful Flowering Vine! Roseville specializes in … Read J’s Complete Post

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American Grown Flowers and Foliage ... for the "BIG DAY"!

An American Grown Wedding!

Recently I had the opportunity to create the wedding flowers for Kelly’s Godson.  We love Sean and Samantha… and they Love Flowers! One request they had was to use American Grown Flowers and Foliage… along with Recycled or American Made Materials… Although to some this might appear to be a challenge… it was the Perfect … Read J’s Complete Post

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Jim Everett, Vice President of Continental Floral Greens!

A Visit to Continental Floral Greens in Florida!

This week on the Florida Fresh Foliage and Flower Tour… the JTV Crew and I visit Continental Floral Greens! We visited Continental Floral Greens CA Grown Location in Watsonville… and saw how they were growing Ivy, Foxtail Fern, “Star” Asparagus and even Leatherleaf. I’ve been to 3 different growing locations of Continental Floral Greens… Watsonville, … Read J’s Complete Post

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